Vector knowledge required for studying in New Zealand

Vector knowledge required for studying in New Zealand

With the continuous development of international exchanges and cooperation, more and more students choose to study abroad. As an excellent destination country for studying abroad, New Zealand is increasingly favored by international students. However, studying in New Zealand requires a lot of knowledge, among which vector knowledge is one of the keys. This article will explain the importance of vector knowledge in studying in New Zealand from five perspectives.

1. Positioning and Security

In the process of studying in New Zealand, accurate positioning and safety issues are very important. The GPS mapping system is very popular in New Zealand, and many mobile phones can directly navigate to the destination. However, GPS errors may occur in some places, so with the help of vector knowledge, mastering how to use the map, how to judge the location and direction, etc. will greatly improve the safety level of New Zealand students and avoid accidents caused by unfamiliar routes and locations.

2. Postgraduate course research

Postgraduate study is a relatively advanced stage of study for international students in New Zealand. Vector knowledge plays an important role in the research of postgraduate courses (to find postgraduate courses in New Zealand, you can use Course Finder), and the most basic applications are research illustration, drawing and data analysis. In addition, in the field of IT, vector knowledge is widely used in mathematical modeling, while in the field of biology and medicine, it is mainly used in medical imaging research.

3. Engineering and architecture

The field of construction engineering in New Zealand is evolving rapidly, so having vector knowledge means not only being able to understand how building structures are built, but also providing effective technical support and analysis during the design and construction process. In addition, vector knowledge is also widely used in infrastructure fields such as roads, bridges, and airports. Therefore, it is essential for foreign students studying engineering and architecture to master vector knowledge.

4. Environmental science and natural landscape research

New Zealand’s environmental science and natural landscape are its main features to attract foreign students. Vector graphics systems are important for drawing environmental maps and maps, as well as making more accurate remote sensing maps. In addition, in geological research, the application of vector knowledge is also very extensive. After modeling the topographic map, the geological structure can be clearly studied, thereby improving the accuracy of environmental science research.

5. Art and design research

New Zealand is one of the countries with creative and original design projects in the world. Its art and design research has a wide range of directions, and vector knowledge is essential. In terms of creative design, CAD, painting, etc., the application of vector knowledge is also very extensive. In addition, in the field of virtual reality design and production, the application of vector knowledge is also very important. In short, from the perspective of scholars and international students engaged in art and design research, mastering vector knowledge is very important.


In general, in the process of studying in New Zealand, mastering vector knowledge is of great significance for understanding, research and life. The wide application of vector knowledge has made foreign students come into contact with many fields. Therefore, mastering this knowledge has an important impact on the future development of foreign students.

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