From Sushi King to Political Powerhouse: Kenny Kunene’s Remarkable Journey

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Kenny Kunene, the current MMC for Transport in the City of Johannesburg, has made a name for himself through his diverse achievements and ventures over the years.


From a criminal past to becoming a prominent figure in the political sphere, Kunene’s life story is one of transformation and reinvention.

The Sushi King Persona

Known affectionately as the “Sushi King,” Kunene gained widespread recognition for hosting extravagant sushi parties, where he indulged in sushi served on top of half-naked models at his Sandton club.

This unique persona propelled him into the spotlight and established his reputation as a flamboyant figure.

A Journey through Business and Music

Prior to his foray into politics, Kunene ventured into various business endeavors.

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He co-founded the club ZAR with his close friend Gayton McKenzie, who now leads the Patriotic Alliance political party.

Additionally, Kunene dabbled in the music industry, collaborating with the popular group Big Nuz at one point.


Entry into Politics and Partnership with Gayton McKenzie

Following a period of personal reflection, Kunene embraced a more family-oriented lifestyle and joined the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) shortly after its establishment.

However, he departed from the party after a year and joined forces with McKenzie to form the Patriotic Alliance.

Kunene currently serves as the Secretary-General of the party.

Testimony from Gayton McKenzie

Even Kunene’s longtime friend, Gayton McKenzie, acknowledged his remarkable journey in a recent post.

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McKenzie described Kunene as a graduate, criminal, prisoner, entrepreneur, party animal, sushi enthusiast, recording artist, actor, councillor, and acting mayor.

He praised Kunene’s ability to achieve extraordinary feats in a short span of time.

Conclusion: A Life Defined by Transformation and Achievement

Kenny Kunene’s life trajectory from his infamous sushi parties to his involvement in politics demonstrates the capacity for personal growth and reinvention.

Despite a controversial past, Kunene has successfully transitioned into a multifaceted figure, leaving a lasting impact on both the nightlife scene and the political landscape.


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