Unity and Prosperity Ahead: Governor-elect Ododo Appreciates Collaborators, Pledges Transparent and Inclusive Governance for Kogi State

In a heartfelt statement titled ‘Thank You Message By Governor-elect Of Kogi State, Ododo Ahmed Usman,’ the recently elected Governor of Kogi State, Usman Ododo, conveyed his deep appreciation to supporters and stakeholders for their pivotal role in securing his victory during the gubernatorial election held on Saturday.

Pledging Unity and Prosperity: Ododo’s Vision for Kogi State

Governor-elect Ododo, in his message, conveyed a commitment to fostering a united and prosperous community of Kogi citizens with a shared destiny.

He emphasized the collective journey embarked upon to elevate Kogi to greater heights and underscored the trust placed in his administration as a guiding compass for transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance.

“As we sail the ship to new frontiers, I am confident that our collective determination will yield positive outcomes for every citizen of our dear state,” expressed Ododo, highlighting the diverse perspectives and contributions of stakeholders in shaping policies and decisions.

Acknowledging Support and Leadership: Special Mention to Key Figures

Governor-elect Ododo extended gratitude to notable figures, including President Bola Tinubu, Vice President Kashim Shettima, and APC National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje, for their unwavering support from the campaign through to the electoral victory.

He specifically thanked President Tinubu for creating an atmosphere of peace and a level playing ground, emphasizing the importance of the collaborative spirit defining their vision for Kogi State.

In particular, the message expressed appreciation to the Governor of Kogi State, highlighting him as a mentor, leader, benefactor, and leadership coach.

Governor Ododo credited his mentor’s achievements and commitment to the Agenda for making Kogi State the best in Nigeria.

The governor-elect pledged not to disappoint and affirmed the continuation of tapping into the wealth of experience and passion to serve the people of the state.

Building a Brighter Future: A Call for Continued Collaboration

Concluding the message, Governor-elect Ododo acknowledged the faith, commitment, and belief of the citizens in the leadership, emphasizing that their support forms the foundation for building a brighter future for Kogi State.

He called for continued collaboration to achieve shared aspirations and promised to make Kogi State a model of progress and unity.

Amidst calls for the cancellation of the governorship election due to alleged irregularities, Governor-elect Ododo’s expression of gratitude stands as a testament to the collaborative effort and determination that marked his electoral success.