Egyptian ‘Toy Boy’ Lover Accuses 83-Year-Old Woman of Treating Him as a ‘Sex Slave’

The tumultuous relationship between Iris Jones, an 83-year-old woman, and Mohamed Ibrahim, her 39-year-old Egyptian lover, has taken a dramatic turn.

Iris previously claimed that she ended their relationship due to Mohamed’s alleged selfishness and money-seeking behavior.

However, Mohamed has now come forward, accusing Iris of treating him as a “sex slave” and making sensational claims about their relationship.

Mohamed’s Allegations

In a shocking twist, Mohamed Ibrahim has refuted Iris’s claims and asserted that she used him for sex.

He accuses Iris of damaging his reputation and falsely portraying him as a money-driven individual.

Mohamed, who had initially been in love with Iris, denies having any financial motives or seeking the opportunity to work in Britain.

He laments that Iris’s allegations have made it impossible for him to return to Egypt.

Relationship Dynamics

According to Mohamed, their relationship took a dark turn when Iris began imposing petty rules on him after his long shifts as a security guard.

He alleges that she treated him as a servant, depriving him of basic amenities like showers and even access to the toilet.

Additionally, Mohamed claims that Iris wanted him to adopt her views, including her negative opinion of the British Royal Family, which caused further clashes.

Love Turned Nightmare

Mohamed insists that he had genuinely fallen in love with Iris but that their life together in England became a nightmare.

He claims that she attempted to erase his Egyptian heritage and restrict his interactions with his family back home.

Mohamed felt that Iris was using her age and influence to manipulate him into conforming to her desires.

Financial Disputes

Iris had previously accused Mohamed of frequently demanding money from her during their time together.

She asserted that they withdrew substantial sums daily for various expenses.

In response, Mohamed denies ever marrying Iris to access her savings or requesting significant sums of money.

He maintains that they mutually supported each other financially.

Conflicting Perspectives

The conflicting narratives surrounding their relationship have led to a bitter dispute between Iris and Mohamed.

While Iris has portrayed herself as a victim who regrets ever meeting him, Mohamed claims that she exploited their relationship from the beginning, possibly to sell stories to the media.

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