Parking Fiasco: Council Mistakenly Tickets All Vehicles in Car Park

Parking Fiasco: Council Mistakenly Tickets All Vehicles in Car Park

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Buckinghamshire Council found itself in an embarrassing situation after mistakenly issuing parking tickets to all vehicles parked at Railway Place and Duke Street car parks in High Wycombe.


The council has promptly apologized for the error and assured drivers that the tickets will be cancelled.

The confusion arose when an incorrect decision was made to close the entire car park, instead of implementing a targeted suspension in a smaller area to accommodate the installation of new electric vehicle (EV) charging bays.

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This oversight resulted in unnecessary inconvenience and frustration for the drivers who were unfairly ticketed.

Councillor Steven Broadbent, the cabinet member for transport at Buckinghamshire Council, expressed remorse for the incident and acknowledged that the parking tickets should not have been issued.

He assured affected individuals that the council will reverse the penalty charge notices (PCNs) for everyone who received them.

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The council admitted that only a limited number of parking bays should have been closed to facilitate the installation of the EV charging bays, and they failed to provide sufficient notice to inform customers of this action.


Recognizing the inconvenience and upset caused by their mistake, the council urged those who received the tickets to take no further action, as the notices will be cancelled.

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Furthermore, individuals who have already paid the PCN charge will receive a refund.

The council’s swift response and commitment to rectify the situation demonstrate their accountability and commitment to customer service.

They have taken responsibility for the error and are taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue.


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