Furious Residents Demand Answers – HS2 Homes Quietly Back on Market After Scheme Collapse

Furious Residents Demand Answers – HS2 Homes Quietly Back on Market After Scheme Collapse

Residents in Bonsall Street, Long Eaton, who faced the upheaval of selling their homes for the now partially scrapped HS2 railway project, find themselves in a fresh bout of frustration.

These homeowners, uprooted from their cherished abodes, are now discovering that the government is quietly putting their properties back on the market, leading to justified anger.

Having endured the emotional toll of being compelled to sell due to the original HS2 plans, residents now face the irony of their homes being resold without any official announcement.

Compulsory Purchase Ordeal: Unveiling the Dismay

The Department for Transport (DfT) had initially issued Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) on the odd-numbered side of Bonsall Street, affecting at least 13 homes.

However, following the abandonment of the proposed HS2 line to Leeds due to escalating costs, the DfT now seeks to recoup a fraction of the colossal project’s expenses by discreetly offering these homes for sale or rent.

Former residents, who had no choice but to sell their properties, are left feeling deceived and embittered by this unexpected turn of events.

Hidden Transactions: Homes Back on the Market

The revelation that these homes are back on the market has sparked outrage among former residents.

One property, originally sold to the government for £120,000 in August 2020, is now listed for sale at £80,000 through an online estate agent.

The lack of a visible ‘for sale’ sign adds to the surreptitious nature of these transactions.

The news has reopened wounds for residents like Val and Stephen Richardson, who had to sell their home, now being rented out, only to witness the entire HS2 plan being shelved.

Financial Setbacks and Emotional Strain: Former Homeowners Speak Out

Former residents, such as the Richardsons and Diana Haig, express their deep disappointment at the entire ordeal.

Forced to part with their homes, they recount the stress and financial setbacks incurred during the relocation process.

The realization that their sacrifices were in vain, with the HS2 line not materializing, intensifies their frustration.

The government’s decision to rent out these properties adds insult to injury, deepening the sense of betrayal among those who once called Bonsall Street home.

Ongoing Challenges: Residual Impact on the Community

The fallout from the HS2 debacle extends beyond individual grievances, impacting the entire community on Bonsall Street.

Several homes remain empty, while others are being rented or sold at reduced prices.

The Compulsory Purchase Orders, still in effect despite the project’s cancellation, create a predicament for those residents who resisted selling to the government.

Unable to secure mortgages, they feel trapped, awaiting the lifting of the CPO for a chance to regain control over their properties.

Unanswered Questions and Lingering Uncertainty

Local estate agents highlight the current state of the property market on Bonsall Street, where prices have plummeted, and sales are hampered by the persistent CPO.

With no clarity on when the CPO might be lifted, residents face ongoing uncertainty about the fate of their homes.

The lack of communication from authorities regarding the resale or rental of these properties adds to the residents’ frustration, leaving them grappling with the aftermath of a disrupted community and shattered promises.

The story underscores the lasting impact of large-scale infrastructure projects on local communities and the need for transparent communication from authorities.

The residents of Bonsall Street deserve accountability and resolution for the hardships they have endured, and a closer examination of such cases is crucial for informing future infrastructure endeavors.

The quiet resale of homes, without proper acknowledgment or explanation, further strains the relationship between affected individuals and the entities responsible for these projects.

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