Ulrika Jonsson’s Critique of Millie Bobby Brown’s “Nineteen Steps”

The Art of Writing a Book: Challenges Faced by Authors

The process of writing a book is a formidable undertaking that requires both physical and mental resilience.

Some authors, like Millie Bobby Brown, opt to enlist the help of ghostwriters to bring their stories to life. However, this choice doesn’t always garner the admiration of individuals like Ulrika Jonsson.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Debut Novel: “Nineteen Steps”

On September 12, the acclaimed actress, known for her role as Eleven in “Stranger Things,” unveiled her debut novel, titled “Nineteen Steps.”

This novel draws inspiration from real-life events that transpired within the actress’s family during World War II.

A Tale of Love Amidst Darkness

The narrative within “Nineteen Steps” aspires to demonstrate that love can flourish even in the most trying circumstances.

The central character, an 18-year-old named Nellie Morris, is depicted as making the most out of challenging situations.

Her family’s hopes for her to end up with Billy, the air raid warden next door, take a dramatic turn when Ray, a charismatic American, enters the scene, stirring Nellie’s heart.

Tragedy Strikes: A Family Torn Apart

Nellie’s newfound happiness is short-lived, as a devastating accident during an air raid threatens to shatter her family.

This compelling storyline is profoundly influenced by Millie Bobby Brown’s Nanny Ruth, who survived the crash and shared her recollections of that heart-wrenching era with her granddaughter.

Mixed Reviews and Ulrika Jonsson’s Critique

Millie Bobby Brown’s novel has received high praise from reviewers, earning five-star ratings on Waterstones and a remarkable 95% approval rating on Google.

However, this achievement doesn’t secure the approval of Ulrika Jonsson, an esteemed writer in her own right.

Ulrika Jonsson’s Controversial Stance on Ghostwriters

Jonsson, who has independently authored two books with a third in progress, is not a staunch supporter of ghostwriters.

In an interview with The Sun, she criticized Millie for “not quite writing” the book and expressed the view that transparency about the involvement of ghostwriters should be clearer.

The Controversy Continues

While acknowledging that Millie had significant input into the novel, Jonsson pointed out that the first draft was penned by someone else.

he emphasized that she doesn’t object to ghostwriters but believes that celebrities should be forthright about their level of contribution to their books.

Ulrika Jonsson’s Final Verdict

Ulrika Jonsson concluded her critique by labeling the use of ghostwriters by celebrities as “another cash cow.”

Her perspective highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the role of ghostwriters in the literary world and raises questions about authorship and authenticity in celebrity books.

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