Luke Littler Triumphs Against Hollywood Star Millie Bobby Brown and More in Dazzling Dart Challenge on ITV’s Jonathan Ross Show

In a remarkable turn of events, the rising darts sensation, Luke Littler, found himself amidst an A-list celebrity line-up on the latest episode of the Jonathan Ross Show.

Sharing the sofa with Hollywood star Millie Bobby Brown, singer-songwriter Raye, and comedian Rob Beckett, the 17-year-old showcased not only his remarkable darts skills but also his ability to seamlessly integrate into the star-studded world of entertainment.

Dart Challenge with A-List Guests:

Littler, whose meteoric rise to fame began when he became the youngest person to reach the World Darts Championship final at just 16 years old, was not merely a guest on the show.

He took on a unique challenge – a darts match against the celebrity guests. Opposing a team comprised of Raye, Brown, and Beckett, Littler effortlessly outscored the trio, further solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in the world of darts.

Televised Triumph on ITV:

The pre-recorded show, brimming with laughter and competitive spirit, aired on ITV this Saturday night. Luke Littler, sharing his excitement ahead of the broadcast, expressed his gratitude on his X feed, stating, “mad moment thanks for having me @wossy.”

The televised clash not only highlighted Littler’s sporting prowess but also provided viewers with an entertaining spectacle featuring a diverse mix of talents.

Trademarking ‘The Nuke’ and Diversifying Merchandise:

Beyond his darts success, Luke Littler is strategically expanding his brand, showcasing business acumen uncommon for someone his age.

The 17-year-old has reportedly applied to trademark his nickname, ‘The Nuke,’ aiming to extend it to a range of licensed products.

This includes an array of merchandise, from beauty products like cologne, soap, and deodorant to everyday items like T-shirts, pyjamas, and even ‘Nuke’ slippers.

This move reflects Littler’s ambition to carve a multifaceted identity beyond the realm of darts.

Business Ventures and Licensing Success:

Littler’s business ventures extend beyond trademarking, as he has already entered the market with officially licensed darts, stems, and flights.

Target Darts, the company producing Littler’s darts, is headed by the chairman overseeing his IPO application.

The collaboration has flourished, with Target expanding its product line to include an official replica of Littler’s competitive darts shirt and dart wallets.

Supporting Local and Securing Fashion Tie-Ups:

Despite his global success and high-profile collaborations, Luke Littler remains true to his roots, supporting local sponsors such as his Warrington Skoda dealership.

Additionally, he has secured a lucrative deal with the fashion brand boohooMAN, solidifying his presence in the fashion world.

The alignment with boohooMAN serves as a testament to Littler’s ability to bridge the gap between sports and fashion, showcasing his versatility and market appeal.


As Luke Littler’s journey transcends the world of darts, his appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show becomes a pivotal moment in his expanding career.

The televised clash with A-list celebrities not only amplified his athletic prowess but also hinted at the broader entertainment landscape he is navigating.

With trademarking endeavors, diversification into merchandise, and strategic business collaborations, Littler’s trajectory exemplifies a holistic approach to building a personal brand that extends far beyond the dartboard.

As fans and industry insiders alike watch his every move, Luke Littler’s narrative continues to evolve, promising more surprises and successes on the horizon.

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