UK’s Most Tattooed Man, Keith Gordon, Nears Completion of Total Body Ink Coverage

UK’s Most Tattooed Man, Keith Gordon, Nears Completion of Total Body Ink Coverage

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Keith Gordon, a 67-year-old retiree from Romford, Essex, has become one of the most heavily tattooed individuals in the United Kingdom.


Starting his tattoo journey at the age of 52, Keith now boasts hundreds of designs covering almost the entirety of his body.

With just 3% of his skin remaining uninked, Keith’s mission is to achieve total coverage and leave no white spaces.

Embracing the Addiction:

Keith’s fascination with tattoos began later in life, but it quickly became an addiction. Even with tattoos adorning his head, lips, and eyelids, he continues to crave more.


Recently, he had the words ‘f*** off’ tattooed on a 1.5-inch gap on his lower leg.

While he is uncertain of the total cost, Keith acknowledges that his head and face tattoos alone set him back £6,000.

The Curious Encounter:

Keith’s unique appearance attracts attention wherever he goes.

His distinct look frequently prompts curious onlookers to approach him, inquiring about the pain and cost of his tattoos.

Though his inked appearance presents challenges in daily tasks, Keith harbors no regrets and proudly embraces his distinctive persona as the self-proclaimed “coolest looking guy in Essex.”


Reinvention and Full Circle:

Keith’s tattoo journey took a circuitous route.

He received his first tattoos at the age of 17 but later underwent skin grafts to remove them.

For many years, he lived without any tattoos until the age of 52, when he decided to resurrect his old body art and take it to new extremes.

Since then, Keith has spent tens of thousands of pounds to cover almost every inch of his body with tattoos, including his eyelids.

A Painful Transformation:

Keith’s transformation has not been without discomfort.


The process of tattooing his entire head was particularly excruciating, especially around the eyes, lips, and inner ear.

Despite the physical pain, Keith persevered, driven by his pursuit of total coverage.

Living Outside the Box:

Keith acknowledges that his appearance elicits different treatment from others, but he sees it as a unique lifestyle.

Basic activities can be challenging, and even mundane interactions, such as visits from workmen or delivery drivers, require a preemptive warning about his unconventional looks.

Despite enduring repetitive inquiries about his tattoos, Keith remains content with his chosen aesthetic.


The Mission for Total Coverage:

Keith’s latest mission is to eliminate the remaining white spaces on his body, except for those concealed beneath his boxers.

His tattoos range from ordinary ones featuring the names of his wife and children to more provocative designs, including satanic imagery.

Keith delights in shocking people, exemplified by his recent addition of the words ‘f*** off’ on his lower leg.

The Quest Continues:

As Keith seeks to fill every remaining space, he faces the challenge of finding new designs to satisfy his insatiable desire for ink.

Having already acquired a vast collection of tattoos, he ponders where to go from here. Despite reaching a pinnacle, Keith considers his tattoo addiction akin to a constant pursuit of euphoria, always wanting more outrageous designs.


His journey will persist until his body achieves complete coverage.


Keith Gordon, one of the UK’s most heavily tattooed men, embarked on a transformative journey to fill his body with ink.

From starting late in life to becoming a self-proclaimed tattoo addict, he now boasts a nearly fully covered body.

While his appearance invites stares and curiosity from others, Keith embraces his unique lifestyle and continues his quest for total coverage, leaving behind no white spaces.


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