Viral food critic Keith Lee faces New Yorkers’ backlash over local food reviews: The Keith Lee Effect fails HERE

Viral food critic Keith Lee faces New Yorkers’ backlash over local food reviews: The Keith Lee Effect fails HERE

The Unexpected Backlash

The Keith Lee Effect, renowned for its positive influence on eateries, faced an unexpected turn in New York City.

Keith Lee, the esteemed food critic, encountered a storm after his visit to a deli in Queens on December 7.

It all began with a suggestion from a social media user, urging Lee to sample the salmon chopped cheese sandwich at TasteBudz NYC. Little did he know that this would spark a controversy.

A Critical Review Unleashes Fury

Lee’s experience, initially intended as a routine review, swiftly escalated. Following a less-than-stellar rating for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, the social media realm erupted.

His feedback, although a mere 4 out of 10, became the focal point of ire among users.

In his own words, he expressed astonishment at how swiftly sentiment turned against him.

“The more we were there, people were taking pride in the Keith Lee Effect not working,” he shared in a TikTok video, visibly perplexed by the unexpected backlash.

Unraveling Unwelcoming Vibes

Despite the primary purpose being food reviews, Lee found New York’s reception intriguing, albeit for the wrong reasons.

He underscored that the issue didn’t lie with the city’s culinary offerings or his followers there.

Instead, it was the palpable sense of unwelcoming vibes that accompanied their every step.

TasteBudz NYC, the initial stop on their New York tour, bore the brunt of the outrage, particularly due to the salmon chopped cheese sandwich debacle.

From Jokes to Real Outrage

Initially taken lightly, the notion that the Keith Lee Effect failed in New York soon turned serious.

The consequences were grave—Lee and his family found themselves unwelcome at several restaurants across the city.

While his loyal fan base stood by him, patrons of TasteBudz Deli appeared less forgiving, withdrawing their support.

Standing Strong Amidst Adversity

Despite the onslaught, positive voices emerged. Some social media users disagreed with Lee’s review, defending the sandwich’s taste and quality.

Amidst the turmoil, a silver lining emerged—Lee received heartfelt thanks from various establishments like Bruckner Pizza in The Bronx and Tamarind Island Roti Shop in Queens.

A Bittersweet New York Visit

Despite the unwelcome reception at certain eateries, Lee’s New York journey wasn’t entirely marred.

He found solace in the continued welcome at several restaurants, reassuring him that not all doors had closed.

Amidst mixed reactions and controversy, his influence and impact on New York’s dining scene remained a topic of heated debate.

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