Ukrainian Adoptee Charged with Murdering American Couple Who Rescued Him in Florida

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 21-year-old Ukrainian adoptee, Dima Tower, has been charged with the murder of his adoptive parents, Robbie Tower, 49, and Jennifer Tower, 51, in their North Port, Florida home.

The deeply religious couple, who were also Christian missionaries and real estate agents, had adopted Tower seven years ago, rescuing him from a troubled orphanage where he had experienced abuse.

Struggles and Disturbing Behavior

Despite their efforts to shower him with love, it’s reported that Tower had difficulty adjusting and displayed disturbing and violent behavior before the tragic killings.

The adoptive parents’ relatives have stated that Tower had previously attacked his adoptive parents, and they had called the police three years ago after he left his father with a black eye.

However, they chose to forgive him and bring him back into their home.

Dramatic Escape and Capture

The tragic incident unfolded when a neighbor reported hearing someone banging on her door and screaming for help.

Blood spatters were discovered outside the neighbor’s door.

Police arrived at the Tower residence to find Tower with blood on his clothes, attempting to close the trunk of his car.

Tower allegedly ignored police orders, hopped into his car, and led officers on a high-speed chase.

After a tense eight-hour manhunt, he was finally captured and taken into custody.

Gruesome Scene and Motive Unknown

Inside the Tower home, investigators discovered a gruesome scene.

The couple was found positioned head-to-head on their living room floor, surrounded by pools of blood throughout the house.

While the police have not yet revealed a motive for the murders, the brutal attack suggests it took place over some time.

Adoption Out of Love

Robbie and Jennifer Tower’s decision to adopt Tower seven years ago was driven by their desire to save him from the harsh conditions of the orphanage.

Reports indicate that he had suffered from physical abuse and malnourishment.

Despite the challenges, the couple believed they could offer him a loving family and a brighter future.

Community Grief and Support

The tragic loss of the couple, who were known for their devotion to their faith and charitable work, has left their community deeply saddened.

Friends, neighbors, and family members have expressed their heartbreak and disbelief over the devastating turn of events.

The couple’s dedication to adopting Tower and providing him with love and care was widely recognized, making the tragedy even more poignant.


This tragic story highlights the complexities of adoption and the immense challenges that can arise when adopting children who have experienced trauma and hardship.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of providing proper support and resources to both adoptive families and the adopted individuals to help them navigate the journey of healing and adjustment.

The motive behind this heartbreaking incident remains unknown, leaving many questions unanswered as the legal process unfolds.

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