Toy boy sugar heir is arrested for ‘strangling and robbing’ date who told him to ‘drop it’ after he complained about sitting next to gay couple at ritzy Florida steakhouse: Victim told cops she ‘thought she was going to die’

Arrest of Alexander Nicholas Fanjul: Allegations of Domestic Violence and Assault

Alexander Nicholas Fanjul, widely known as Nico, found himself in legal trouble on Monday night when he was arrested on charges ranging from domestic battery and robbery to false imprisonment and cocaine possession.

The alleged incident occurred at Fanjul’s Palm Beach home, following an altercation with a woman.

This arrest has drawn attention due to the reported circumstances leading to the altercation.

Background: Son of Florida Crystals Director and Sugar Baron

Fanjul is the eldest son of Alexander Fanjul Sr, a prominent figure as the director and senior vice president of Florida Crystals, a major sugar producer in the southeastern United States.

The incident unfolded at Fanjul’s residence, prompting a response from law enforcement after neighbors reported hearing a woman’s distressing screams.

Details of the Altercation: A Night at Flagler Steakhouse

According to information gleaned from the police report published by the Palm Beach Post, officers arrived at Fanjul’s residence at 11 pm.

The scene they encountered was one of apparent violence, with a woman bleeding and in a defensive fetal position. She claimed to have been physically assaulted by Fanjul, fearing for her life.

The incident reportedly originated from a dinner at Flagler Steakhouse at the Breakers Hotel, where Fanjul became irate over being seated next to a gay couple.

Escalation of Violence: Aftermath of the Restaurant Discomfort

The woman recounted that Fanjul’s frustration with the restaurant persisted even after leaving.

Matters took a violent turn outside Fanjul’s home when, as she attempted to de-escalate the situation, he allegedly began punching her in the face.

The subsequent attack resulted in facial bruising, bleeding, and swelling.

Fanjul is also accused of forcibly dragging her inside the residence, preventing her from seeking aid or escaping.

Legal Proceedings: Release on Bond and Denial of Allegations

Following his arrest, Fanjul was released on a $180,000 bond.

During a subsequent hearing, his attorney asserted Fanjul’s denial of the allegations.

The presiding Circuit Judge, Donald Hafele, imposed restrictions, including refraining from nonprescribed drugs, prohibiting contact with the accuser, and surrendering firearms.

Past Incidents and Connections: Fanjul’s History with the Law

This recent arrest adds to Fanjul’s history of legal entanglements, notably during his previous relationship with socialite Tinsley Mortimer.

Their tumultuous history involved multiple police interventions, hospital visits, and Mortimer’s arrest for trespassing on Fanjul’s property in 2016.

The present charges against Fanjul reignite discussions surrounding domestic violence, underscoring the need for legal scrutiny in such cases.

It’s crucial to note that the information provided is based on available reports and may be subject to updates as the legal proceedings unfold.

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