Ukraine Diplomat Thanks ‘Dedicated Friend’ Kenya

‘Kenya proved to be a dedicated friend of Ukraine,’ the European country’s ambassador to the East African nation has said following Russia’s invasion.

“We very much appreciate your support in these difficult times,” Ambassador Andrii Pravednyk said in a speech in Nairobi during which he called on the international community to:
“Implement devastating sanctions on Russia now without any delay, fully isolate Russia by all means in all formats, provide Ukraine with weapons and equipment and also give “financial aid and humanitarian assistance.

“The security of citizens in the entire Europe and the future of the world order depend on our joint response.

” Mr.

Pravednyk added.

Earlier this week Kenya’s ambassador to the UN, Martin Kimani, condemned Russia’s aggression – seeing in Ukraine’s current ‘situation echoes of our own history’ of colonisation and the threat of “new forms of domination and aggression.

BBC /Shakirat Sadiq
Ukraine Diplomat Thanks ‘Dedicated Friend’ Kenya