Israeli Diplomat Defends Military Actions in Gaza Amid Rising Death Toll

Israeli Diplomat Defends Military Actions in Gaza Amid Rising Death Toll

Tzipi Hotovely Defends Israeli Military Actions in Gaza

Israel’s ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, has offered a robust defense of her country’s military actions in Gaza, highlighting the warnings given before attacks and placing responsibility for harm on Hamas.

In her speech, she underscored that Israeli Defense Forces provided Gazans with warnings about impending attacks, which she contrasted with Hamas’ unannounced attacks on Israeli citizens.

Hamas Blamed for Attacks

Hotovely emphasized that Hamas bears responsibility for any harm occurring in Gaza.

She argued that when innocent people are killed in Gaza, it is Hamas that should be held accountable, not Israel.

She referenced the lack of forewarning in Hamas attacks that resulted in harm to Israeli citizens.

Comparing to Historical Context

During an interview with a BBC Radio 4 reporter, Hotovely drew a historical parallel to defend Israel’s actions.

She referenced the Royal Air Force’s bombing campaigns during World War II against German cities like Hamburg and Dresden, where significant civilian casualties occurred.

The point was made to highlight the difficult choices faced in warfare.

Gaza Casualty Figures

The update on casualty figures from Gaza’s health ministry reveals that the Palestinian death toll has risen to approximately 2,750 people, marking it as the deadliest conflict for both sides in recent history.

The conflict has also resulted in nearly 10,000 Palestinians being wounded.

Denial of Humanitarian Crisis

Hotovely argued that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, asserting that Israel’s primary responsibility is to safeguard Israeli citizens.

She placed the onus of safety on Hamas, stating that they are solely responsible for their people’s well-being.

Displacement and Humanitarian Concerns

The conflict has led to more than one million people fleeing their homes in Gaza, seeking refuge from the anticipated Israeli invasion, which aims to dismantle Hamas’ leadership.

As a result, Gaza’s food and water supplies are dwindling, and its hospitals are on the brink of collapse.

International Efforts and Diplomacy

The United States has taken steps to address humanitarian issues in the region, appointing David Satterfield as a special envoy for Middle East humanitarian issues.

The US is focused on providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza.

Hezbollah’s Involvement

The situation has escalated with Hezbollah militants firing rockets and an anti-tank missile along Israel’s border with Lebanon. Israel responded with air strikes and shelling.

The fighting has resulted in casualties on both sides of the border.

US Diplomatic Efforts

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is actively involved in diplomatic efforts to prevent the conflict from spreading regionally.

There is also speculation about President Joe Biden’s potential visit to Israel.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Hospitals in Gaza are facing a dire situation, with limited generator fuel, which is endangering the lives of thousands of patients

Gaza’s sole power plant has shut down due to the Israeli blockade. The lack of fuel is a critical concern, particularly for intensive care units and patients on ventilators and dialysis.

Efforts to Address Water Shortage

Israel’s minister of energy and water, Israel Katz, has indicated that water has been restored at a specific point in Gaza.

However, aid workers in Gaza have not yet confirmed the resumption of water supply.

Mass Displacement of Gazans

Israel has ordered over one million Palestinians to move to the southern part of Gaza, with the military explaining it as a precautionary measure ahead of a campaign against Hamas.

Despite Hamas urging people to stay in their homes, a significant number of people have evacuated the Gaza City area.

Rafah Crossing and Siege Conditions

The US is working to reopen Egypt’s Rafah crossing with Gaza to facilitate the departure of Americans and other foreigners and to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Israel has stated that the siege will only be lifted when captives are returned, linking the blockade to the situation.

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