Netflix’s “The Diplomat”, A Hit Series Renewed for a Second Season

Netflix’s “The Diplomat”, A Hit Series Renewed for a Second Season

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Netflix’s new hit series, “The Diplomat,” follows the story of Kate Wyler, a new US ambassador to the UK, as she navigates international crises, builds strategic alliances, and adjusts to life in the spotlight.

While she succeeds in her duties, her marriage to fellow career diplomat Hal Wyler begins to struggle under the mounting pressure.

The streaming giant has already confirmed that the show will be renewed for a second season, with fans eagerly anticipating what’s in store.

A Glimpse into the Life of a Diplomat

The eight-part series provides viewers with a taste of what a diplomat’s life must be like.

However, the US Embassy in London has clarified on social media what the show got right and what it got wrong.

Embassy spokesperson Aaron Snipe started by revealing that the first female US ambassador to the UK was, in fact, Anne Armstrong, just like the series suggests.


The current US ambassador to the UK, Jane Hartley, is the second woman to serve in that role.

Fact or Fiction?

Snipe also explained that, while on the show, the diplomat’s home is located in Wrotham Park, in real life, the ambassador is based in Winfield House.

Additionally, Snipe jokingly clarified that diplomats “don’t take rides from the Met police.”

When Kate and Hal Wyler enter their new home on the show, the house manager explains the history of the ambassador’s residence.

It turns out that everything she says on the show is correct, and Barbara Hutton did sell her home to the US government after the Second World War for just one dollar.

Finally, on the show, behind the ambassador’s desk is a portrait of Winston Churchill.

Snipe confirmed that this detail was factually accurate as well.



“The Diplomat” has received praise for its gripping drama and powerful performances, particularly that of Keri Russell as Kate Wyler.

With the announcement of a second season, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store for the beloved characters.

While the show provides an intriguing look into the life of a diplomat, it’s important to remember that some details may be fictionalized for the sake of storytelling.

Nevertheless, the fact-checking done by the US Embassy in London helps to clarify what is accurate and what isn’t, ensuring that viewers have a more informed understanding of the real world of diplomacy.


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