Adamawa State High Court Delivers Death Penalty to Duo for Murdering Tricycle Operator

Adamawa State High Court Delivers Death Penalty to Duo for Murdering Tricycle Operator

Death Sentence Pronounced for Tricycle Owner’s Murderers in Adamawa State

In a decisive judgment, the Adamawa State High Court, under the authority of Justice Kaynson Lawanson, has sentenced two individuals, Habu Badaru, 27, and Auwal Lawan, 26, to death by either hanging or lethal injection.

The conviction stems from charges of “criminal conspiracy, robbery, and culpable homicide.”

Details of the Grisly Crime

The convicts, hailing from Askira Uba and Uba Hildi respectively, were found guilty of conspiring to rob and murder tricycle operator Algoni Muhammed.

The prosecution revealed that, on April 4, 2022, the duo drugged Muhammed with a pentazocine injection, killed him in Uba Hildi, and made off with his tricycle.

Court’s Verdict and Sentencing

Justice Lawanson, during the judgment on Tuesday, January 16, declared the sentence: “The sentence of the court upon you is to be hanged by the neck or by lethal injection until you are dead. May the Lord have mercy upon you.”

Additional Gruesome Details Emerge

The convicts reportedly dumped Muhammed’s body into a river in Uba Hildi and aimed to sell his tricycle, hoping to raise N100,000 for Habu to settle a debt.

Following the murder, Habu attempted to sell the tricycle in Mubi town but faced challenges due to a lack of proper documentation.

The unsuccessful attempts led to the involvement of a tricycle dealer in Uba, who, upon questioning Habu, alerted the police.

Timeline of the Crime Unraveled

The prosecution’s account detailed how the criminals conspired, injected their victim, and stole the tricycle, leading to the horrifying discovery of Muhammed’s corpse in a river.

The subsequent events involving the attempted sale, police involvement, and the arrest of Habu shed light on the gruesome sequence of events that culminated in the death sentence.

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