Killer Nurse Lucy Letby Posed as Fundraiser Poster Girl Amidst Horrific Crimes

Killer Nurse Lucy Letby Posed as Fundraiser Poster Girl Amidst Horrific Crimes


Hospital bosses used killer nurse Lucy Letby as a poster girl to celebrate raising money for a new neonatal unit, only hours after she committed a horrific act.

Letby, now known as Britain’s most prolific child killer, was sentenced to a whole life order for murdering seven babies and attempting to kill six more.

Her refusal to face the court only added to the pain of the victims’ families.

A Chilling Celebration Amidst Heinous Crimes

On August 6, 2015, a chilling image emerged of Lucy Letby celebrating a fundraising campaign for a new baby unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital, where she had committed her crimes.

This event took place shortly after Letby had murdered a baby boy and attempted to kill his twin brother.


Despite her heinous actions, she was seen flashing a smile for the cameras in the midst of the fundraising celebration.

A String of Crimes Uncovered

Just days prior to the celebratory photo, Letby had committed a gruesome act.

A mother had walked in on her attempting to murder her son, referred to as Baby E, by interfering with his nasogastric tube.

Sadly, the child died from a fatal bleed caused by Letby’s actions.

Additionally, Letby attempted to kill Baby E’s twin, Baby F, by spiking his feeding bag with insulin. Disturbingly, blood samples revealed evidence of the insulin injection.


Deception and Lies

In the aftermath of the deaths, Letby engaged in disturbing conversations with her colleagues.

She downplayed her actions, feigning empathy while hiding the truth.

Colleagues inquired about her involvement with the twins, and Letby responded with deceptive messages, attempting to shift blame and garner sympathy for herself.

A Reign of Terror Unveiled

Lucy Letby’s reign of terror unfolded between June 2015 and June 2016, during her time working on the neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Her conviction included the murders of five baby boys and two baby girls, as well as attacks on other newborns.


Despite her monstrous actions, she had previously been featured as part of fundraising efforts for the new neonatal unit, showcasing a disturbing irony.

Victims’ Families Speak Out

At Letby’s sentencing, the mother of the twins she harmed expressed her heartbreak and anger.

The twins were a result of IVF, and the family had struggled to have children.

Letby’s deliberate actions shattered their hopes and dreams, leaving them to grieve in the face of unimaginable cruelty.

The mother’s testimony painted a picture of enduring pain and suffering caused by Letby’s crimes.


Seeking Closure

Despite the devastation caused by Letby’s actions, the victims’ families are determined to find closure and regain control of their lives.

The mother of the twins spoke of her refusal to let Letby’s actions define her life, asserting that the nurse held no power or relevance in their lives.

Despite the darkness that Letby brought, the families are determined to move forward and heal.

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