Twitter’s founder lobbied Elon Musk for a year to join the board

Twitter’s founder lobbied Elon Musk for a year to join the board

For at least a year, the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, fought for Elon Musk to join the board of directors before quitting when they originally turned him down.

According to newly leaked messages from Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk, Dorsey contacted Musk in March after purchasing 9% of the company’s shares.

In messages from March 26, Dorsey agreed that Musk should lead the firm once he steps down from the board in May and praised Musk’s description of Twitter’s algorithm as “hidden corruption.”

After I was clear, Dorsey said to Musk, “I wanted to meet with you about it since you care so much, grasp it’s significance, and could surely help in unimaginable ways.”

I made every effort to get you on our board when the activist first joined, but the board rejected me. About that time, despite how difficult it was for me, I realized I had to strive to go.

‘I believe the major reason is the board is simply incredibly risk averse and regarded adding you as additional risk, which I felt was utterly foolish and wrong,’ said Dorsey in his letter denouncing the company’s decision to reject Musk from the board.

The texts, which included Dorsey’s support for Musk as well as the fallout between Musk and Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, also included messages of congratulations for Musk’s takeover attempt from a number of famous people.

Elon started contacting Agrawal about how he would be best absorbed into the Twitter team when he became the company’s biggest shareholder in early April.

Even while it seemed like the two were getting along—Agrawal texted Musk to confirm his April 5 tweet announcing his appointment to the board—things swiftly soured as Musk continued to bash Twitter.

On April 9, Agrawal rebuked Musk for his tweet “Is Twitter dying?” in response to his observation that the company’s “top” accounts seldom ever posted anything.

You are allowed to tweet “is Twitter dying?” or anything else related to Twitter, but it’s my obligation to let you know that it’s not assisting me in improving Twitter at this time, according to Agrawal.

The texts reveal Dorsey's frustration and hopes that Musk would take charge of Twitter

The next time we chat, I’d want to give you my opinion on the current amount of internal distraction and how it affects our capacity to complete tasks. I’d want the business to get to a position where we are more resilient and don’t get sidetracked, but we aren’t there yet. I think the AMA will help people get to know you, to understand why you believe in Twitter, and to trust you.

Elon responded to Agrawal by asking: “What did you do this week?” I’m not a board member. Time is being wasted on this.

Will present a proposal to make Twitter private.

The billionaire expressed his annoyance in texts to tech investor and podcaster Jason Calacanis only two days before Musk was once again denied from the board.

Calacanis calls Twitter’s product plans “dog s**t,” and Musk concurs, making fun of Agrawal’s apparent lack of initiative at such a crucial moment.

Musk added, “Btw, Parag is still on a ten-day vacation in Hawaii.”

In your first stint as CEO, there’s no need to cut it short, Calacanis wrote. He ought to be in a war room right now, right?

Does making sporadic zoom calls while sipping delicious drinks at the Four Seasons count? asked Musk.

In a communication sent on April 26, one day after Musk and Facebook agreed to a $44 billion agreement, Dorsey attempted to mediate the conflict between Agrawal and Musk.

Musk wrote to Dorsey, “I want to make sure Parag is doing all necessary to grow towards your objectives till close.”

When given clear instructions, ‘he is exceptionally good at completing tasks.

Would it be beneficial for me, you, and him to speak on the phone to go through the next stages and be very clear about what is required?

Dorsey wrote: “I won’t let this fail and will do whatever it takes” when Elon agreed and thanked him for his assistance. The stakes are too high for mankind.

Nevertheless, Musk persisted in expressing his displeasure with Agrawal’s leadership, complaining that the Twitter CEO was “moving way too slowly and attempting to appease people who will not be satisfied no matter what he does.”

At least it became evident that the two of you cannot collaborate, Dorsey retorted. That gave more clarity.

The messages revealed not just the turmoil between the billionaires but also that a number of celebrities contacted Musk about his takeover proposal.

One among the first to tweet Musk, podcaster Joe Rogan asked the wealthiest man in the world whether he would take action against Twitter’s banning policies.

On April 4, Rogan questioned, “Are you going to free Twitter from the censorship happy mob?”

Musk said, “I will provide counsel, which they may or may not want to heed.

Rogan contacted Musk once more to express his support by the time Musk was scheduled to reveal that he would be buying the dominant social media company.

Rogan wrote, “I REALLY hope you get Twitter.” “If you do, let’s have one hell of a party,” she said.

»Twitter’s founder lobbied Elon Musk for a year to join the board«

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