Trucker Arrested on Manslaughter Charges After Fatal Collision Leaves Eight Dead in Dunnellon, Florida

Trucker Arrested on Manslaughter Charges After Fatal Collision Leaves Eight Dead in Dunnellon, Florida

A devastating collision in Dunnellon, Marion County, unfolded tragically on Tuesday morning, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life and numerous injuries.

The incident, occurring at approximately 6:30 am, involved a collision between a Ford Ranger truck and a bus carrying 53 workers to Cannon Farms, a watermelon farm in the region.

Driver Arrested and Charges Laid:

Following the collision, which saw the bus careen off the road and overturn after striking the truck, authorities swiftly took action.

Bryan Maclean Howard, the driver of the truck, was arrested on eight charges of driving under the influence manslaughter, as investigations into the crash unfolded.

Official Statements and Investigations:

Dave Kerner, Executive Director of the FLHSMV, provided initial insights into the collision, describing it as a sideswipe type collision.

He confirmed the tragic loss of eight lives and the hospitalization of around 40 individuals.

The identities of the deceased are pending next of kin notification, as law enforcement agencies, notably the Florida Highway Patrol, conduct a thorough inquiry into both the traffic crash and criminal aspects of the incident.

Extent of Injuries and Response Efforts:

Reports indicate that the injured individuals, primarily workers employed by a private company, were promptly transported to local medical facilities.

While most sustained non-life-threatening injuries, eight individuals were listed in critical condition.

The response effort involved a coordinated response from multiple law enforcement agencies, necessitating the closure of sections of State Road 40 West to facilitate investigations and manage the aftermath of the fatal collision.

Clarifications and Messages of Support:

Amidst initial confusion, authorities clarified that the incident did not involve schoolchildren but instead workers being transported to Cannon Farms.

The farm, deeply impacted by the tragedy, announced its closure for the day as a mark of respect to those affected.

Similarly, Olvera Trucking, the bus operator, expressed condolences and prayers for the families impacted by the accident, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Insights into Employment Practices and Government Programs:

Amidst the tragedy, insights into the employment practices of the involved companies emerged.

Olvera Trucking, the bus operator, had recently advertised for temporary drivers to transport workers to watermelon farms, offering competitive wages and additional benefits.

Additionally, the revelation of the company’s application for H-2A workers underscores the significance of foreign labor in the agricultural sector, particularly in states like Florida.

The H-2A Program and Agricultural Labor Dynamics:

The H-2A program, a vital component of the agricultural industry, facilitates the temporary employment of foreign nationals to fill essential roles in farming and harvesting operations.

With Florida farms employing a significant number of H-2A workers annually, the program plays a crucial role in meeting labor demands in the agricultural sector, ensuring the continuity of farm operations and productivity.


The tragic collision in Dunnellon underscores the devastating consequences of road accidents and the importance of stringent safety measures in transportation operations.

As investigations continue and families mourn their losses, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative of prioritizing safety in all aspects of transportation and agricultural operations.

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