Tragic Collision on Darazo-Bauchi Highway Claims Eight Lives, Leaves Six Injured

Tragic Collision on Darazo-Bauchi Highway Claims Eight Lives, Leaves Six Injured

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. The Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC) in Bauchi State has confirmed a tragic auto crash on the Darazo-Bauchi highway, resulting in the loss of at least eight lives and leaving six individuals injured.


The incident occurred at Shadarki village, a busy section of the highway, and involved two vehicles colliding.

The FRSC has provided details regarding the vehicles, the individuals involved, and the injuries sustained.

Collision and Casualties:

On Wednesday, May 31, at approximately 1:30 PM, a private white Toyota Hilux (registration number BPP 041) and a white commercial Volkswagen Golf 3 car (registration number DX 65 EKY) collided on the Darazo-Bauchi highway.

A total of 14 individuals, including five male adults, six female adults, two male children, and one female child, were involved in the accident.

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Tragically, the collision resulted in the death of two male adults, three female adults, two male children, and one female child.

Injuries and Medical Attention:

Among those involved in the accident, six individuals sustained injuries of varying degrees.


Three male adults and three female adults suffered injuries such as bruises, head injuries, and fractures.

The injured individuals were promptly taken to the Darazo General Hospital in Darazo, the administrative center of Darazo Local Government Area, for necessary medical treatment.

Probable Cause and Investigation:

The FRSC has indicated that the accident was likely caused by an instance of wrong overtaking.

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However, a detailed investigation will be conducted to ascertain the exact circumstances leading to the collision.

The FRSC is committed to determining the cause and preventing similar incidents in the future.

Evacuation and Certification:

Following the crash, the remains of the deceased were carefully evacuated to the hospital for proper certification.

This process is essential for the official documentation of the fatalities and for assisting families in the necessary funeral arrangements.

Recovery of Belongings:

During the aftermath of the accident, the FRSC recovered several items belonging to the victims at the crash site.


These items included four mobile phones and personal effects.

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The recovery of belongings aims to facilitate the identification and communication with the affected individuals’ families.


The fatal auto crash on the Darazo-Bauchi highway has claimed the lives of eight people and caused injuries to six individuals.

The FRSC has provided preliminary details regarding the collision, the casualties, and the injured individuals.

Investigations will be carried out to determine the exact cause of the accident, and measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The recovery of belongings at the crash site aims to assist in identifying the victims and notifying their families.


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