Driver, Motorboy Injured as Truck Falls Off Apapa Bridge – Lastma Rescues Victims Amid Brake Failure Speculations

Accident Details and Injuries

A serious accident occurred on the Apapa bridge involving a 40ft truck, leaving the driver and his assistant with severe injuries.

Reports suggest the cause may be linked to overspeeding, leading to the vehicle skidding off the bridge.

Official Statement and Rescue Operation

The Director of Public Affairs Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, Taofiq Adebayo, confirmed the incident.

He detailed how LASTMA operatives rescued the injured driver and motor boy from the empty articulated truck that fell from the high bridge, with the driver critically bleeding from a head injury and the motor boy sustaining a severe waist fracture.

Probable Cause: Brake Failure

Initial investigations pointed toward a potential brake failure when the empty flat bed truck attempted to climb the high bridge while contending for road space with another loaded truck.

The incident occurred opposite the ‘Sifax’ Company by Ijora ‘Olopa’ inward Apapa.

Rescue Efforts and Hospitalization

LASTMA’s Goriola Jimoh ‘Zebra’ (Zone 22) Apapa led the rescue operations, aided by other articulated truck drivers near the scene.

The injured driver and motor boy were swiftly rushed to the General Hospital at Apapa for immediate medical attention.

Evacuation and Further Investigation

The crashed truck was cleared from the site by the Lasema Response Unit (LRU), while the case was handed over to the police at the Ijora – Badia Police Station for additional investigation. LASTMA appealed to truck owners for regular safety training for their drivers, emphasizing adherence to road signs and speed limits.

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