Concerns Mount Over Elon Musk’s Alleged Drug Use—Executives Worried About Impact on His $1 Trillion Empire Spanning Tesla, SpaceX, and Others, WSJ Reveals

Alleged Drug Use and Concerns

According to the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is allegedly involved in illegal drug use, including substances like ecstasy and cocaine.

This pattern has prompted worries among his executives and board members across his companies, such as Tesla and SpaceX, regarding its impact on his behavior and overall health.

Potential Risks to Business

Executives and close associates express concerns that Musk’s erratic behavior, potentially fueled by drug use, could pose a risk to the health of his six businesses.

With investments totaling around $1 trillion, tens of thousands of jobs, and significant involvement in the U.S. space program, any instability in Musk’s health could potentially jeopardize these assets.

Response from Musk’s Attorney

An attorney for Musk, Alex Spiro, stated that the CEO undergoes regular and random drug tests at SpaceX and has never failed any of these tests.

Despite this claim, reports suggest Musk’s engagement with drugs extends beyond previously publicized instances of marijuana use and prescription for ketamine.

Concerns and Past Incidents

The report highlights Musk’s alleged usage of LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, and psychedelic mushrooms, often at exclusive gatherings worldwide where attendees sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and surrender their phones.

Incidents dating back to 2018 detail his consumption of various drugs at private parties, raising concerns among those close to him about potential health crises or business disruptions.

Impact on SpaceX and Resignations

Musk’s drug use poses potential risks for SpaceX, the only U.S. company currently authorized for NASA astronaut transportation.

Executives’ concerns about drug use have reportedly led to resignations and tensions at the top level of Musk’s companies, including former Tesla director Linda Johnson Rice declining re-election due to frustrations with Musk’s behavior and alleged drug use.

Past Incidents and Repercussions

Past incidents, such as Musk slurring his words at a SpaceX meeting in 2017 and the controversy surrounding his marijuana use during a public interview with Joe Rogan, have fueled concerns.

Executives feared repercussions on business, especially after Musk’s tweets about taking Tesla private led to an SEC investigation and his temporary resignation as Tesla chairman in 2018.

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