Tribunal Uncovers Serious Misconduct: Senior Police Officer Denies Drug Use Clai

Tribunal Uncovers Serious Misconduct: Senior Police Officer Denies Drug Use Clai

In a recent tribunal hearing in Southwark, south London, serious allegations have emerged against Commander Julian Bennett, a senior police officer in the Metropolitan Police.


The officer, who played a significant role in drafting an anti-drugs strategy for the force, is accused of daily cannabis use after creating the strategy.

Witnesses claim that he was “never sober” at home and consumed drugs before breakfast and work, receiving praise from his superiors.

The tribunal also heard accusations of LSD and magic mushrooms use during social events and holidays.

Moreover, Bennett allegedly failed to provide a urine sample for testing and faced accusations of dishonesty.


Sheila Gomes, a nurse who lived with Bennett, testified that he was consistently under the influence. The officer denies all the allegations and has been on suspension with full pay since July 2021.

Daily Cannabis Use and Drug Consumption:

Commander Julian Bennett, a long-serving police officer with a history in the force since 1976, is facing serious allegations of drug use.

According to witnesses, Bennett allegedly consumed cannabis daily after developing an anti-drugs strategy for the Metropolitan Police.

His drug use extended to starting his day with cannabis and continuing to take the substance at work, where he was apparently praised by senior colleagues.

Additional Allegations:

Apart from cannabis use, Bennett faces further accusations of using LSD at a party and taking magic mushrooms during a holiday in France.


These allegations have raised concerns about his judgment and conduct as a senior officer in the force.

Refusal to Provide a Urine Sample and Threat to Resign:

In another troubling aspect of the case, Bennett is alleged to have failed to provide a urine sample for testing when requested.

Additionally, he reportedly lied about the reason for not complying with the testing process.

Furthermore, Bennett is accused of threatening to resign, which adds complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Witness Testimony:

Sheila Gomes, who lived as a lodger with Bennett for a few months in 2019, testified against the senior officer.


Gomes claimed that Bennett was “never sober” at home, regularly engaging in drinking and smoking.

She mentioned being unaware of the source of the drugs he purchased, indicating a concerning pattern of substance use.

Counterarguments and Accusations Against Gomes:

During the hearing, John Beggs KC, representing Mr. Bennett, accused Sheila Gomes of being a “gold digger” and a “serial litigator” who is motivated by financial gain.

He questioned her credibility and suggested that she might be fabricating the allegations for monetary reasons.

Previous Praise and Work Performance:

The tribunal heard that Bennett received praise for his performance from senior officers both during the period of alleged drug use and shortly after.


He was commended for his work on a report about the released under investigation procedure, which involved complex statistical analysis.

Furthermore, in April 2020, the deputy commissioner and deputy assistant commissioner expressed personal appreciation for his contributions.

Past Role in the Force:

Bennett played a significant role in drafting the Metropolitan Police’s drugs strategy for 2017-21 while serving as a commander for territorial policing.

The strategy aimed to raise awareness about the impact of drug misuse on communities.

Misconduct Hearings and Allegations:

Records of freedom of information requests revealed that Bennett presided over numerous police misconduct hearings, involving a considerable number of officers.


A significant percentage of these hearings resulted in officer dismissals, including two cases of officers being dismissed for drugs misuse.

The current allegations of gross misconduct against Bennett highlight the seriousness of the situation.


As the tribunal continues, the allegations against Commander Julian Bennett continue to be examined thoroughly.

The senior police officer is facing serious accusations related to drug use, failure to comply with testing procedures, and breach of professional standards.

The outcome of the ongoing investigation will have significant implications for Bennett’s career and reputation within the Metropolitan Police.


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