BBC Probe into Giovanni Pernice’s Conduct Amid Allegations of Serious Misconduct

BBC Probe into Giovanni Pernice’s Conduct Amid Allegations of Serious Misconduct

On Thursday, Giovanni Pernice was seen moving bags of clothes out of his London home, amid a BBC investigation into allegations of “serious misconduct” against him.

The 33-year-old Strictly Come Dancing star, who recently left the show, appeared tense as he loaded items into a black BMW with the help of a female friend.

He was dressed casually in a grey Elvis Presley T-shirt, cargo pants, and trainers. This sighting comes after his supportive girlfriend, Molly Brown, was seen wearing a gold band on her wedding finger.

Personal and Professional Turmoil

Molly Brown, a model, stepped out wearing the ring shortly after the couple introduced a new Pomeranian puppy named Roxy on social media.

This new addition to their family follows their return from a romantic getaway to Dubai and Portugal.

Their trip took place amid controversy surrounding Giovanni’s strict training methods, which have led to the BBC investigating claims of “serious workplace misconduct” from three of his dance partners who have sought legal assistance.

Molly Brown’s Public Appearance

Upon their return to the UK, Molly was first seen in London wearing a smart white blazer paired with leggings and knee-high black boots.

The sight of her wearing a simple gold band has fueled speculation among fans about a possible proposal during their recent vacation.

Molly’s Instagram post featuring Giovanni cuddling their new puppy Roxy suggested that the couple had more positive things on their minds than the ongoing investigation.

BBC Investigation and Allegations

The BBC’s investigation involves reviewing nine years of footage from Giovanni’s training sessions on Strictly Come Dancing.

The probe is in response to allegations made by Amanda Abbington, one of the three stars who have filed complaints against him, who has vowed to leave “nothing unsaid” in her meeting with investigators.

On Monday evening, industry colleague Korina Travis, who has performed with Giovanni at private functions and has no association with Strictly, accused him of questionable behavior during their professional interactions.

Industry and Public Reaction

Korina Travis, who works for the ballroom company Burn The Floor and was considered for a role on Strictly in 2016, has chosen not to speak further about her experiences with Giovanni, stating, “I’ll leave it at that.” Former Strictly contestants Amanda Abbington, Laura Whitmore, and Ranvir Singh have also been critical of Giovanni’s methods.

Reports suggest that several women who have danced with him on Strictly are contemplating joining the existing claimants in the investigation into his conduct.

Giovanni Pernice’s Response

Giovanni has vehemently denied the allegations, stating that he is “totally surprised” by the claims and looks forward to clearing his name.

In an Instagram post, he emphasized his passion and competitiveness in dance, asserting that his strict training methods were always aimed at helping his partners become the best dancers they could be. He expressed gratitude for the continued support from his fans.

Impacts on Relationships and Career

Giovanni’s friend and former dance partner, Rose Ayling-Ellis, who won Strictly Come Dancing with him in 2021, has reportedly chosen not to get involved in the controversy.

A source indicated that Rose is “shocked” by the allegations but believes what the others are saying.

She has decided to stay out of the public discourse surrounding the situation.


The future remains uncertain for Giovanni Pernice as the BBC’s investigation continues.

Despite his departure from Strictly Come Dancing, the scandal surrounding his alleged misconduct has left a significant impact on his professional reputation and personal relationships.

As the investigation unfolds, Giovanni remains committed to clearing his name and maintaining his stance that his intentions and methods were always in the best interest of his dance partners.