Trash-Covered Streets Overflowing – Migrants Set Up Makeshift Flea Markets in AOC’s Culturally Diverse District

Trash-Covered Streets Overflowing – Migrants Set Up Makeshift Flea Markets in AOC’s Culturally Diverse District

Video footage has emerged depicting the streets of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district resembling those of a Third World country, with trash-covered roads and makeshift markets populated by migrants.

The footage, captured by Queens resident Ramses Frias, offers a glimpse into the neighborhoods of Corona, Jackson Heights, and Elmhurst.

In the video, the streets are shown littered with trash, while migrants set up impromptu flea markets selling various clothing items.

Roosevelt Avenue, in particular, has gained notoriety as ‘the market of sweethearts,’ with viral videos showcasing alleged sex workers lining the area’s streets.

Frias, who appears in the footage, describes the conditions as akin to a ‘third-world market,’ emphasizing the prevalence of discarded clothing items and the disruption caused to legitimate businesses by unlicensed vendors.

Local Concerns and Calls for Action

Speaking to Fox News, Frias and other residents express their frustration with the situation, highlighting the negative impact on the community’s quality of life and economic well-being.

They argue that unregulated street vending undermines local businesses and tax revenue while creating an atmosphere of lawlessness.

The video was recorded on the outskirts of Ocasio-Cortez’s 14th Congressional District, known for its cultural diversity.

However, the footage depicts scenes of disorder and disregard for municipal regulations regarding street vending.

Legal and Law Enforcement Responses

New York City ordinances stipulate that only licensed vendors are permitted to sell goods in public spaces, raising questions about the enforcement of existing regulations in the area.

Frias and others call for immediate action to address the proliferation of unlicensed vendors and prostitution.

Prostitution, classified as a misdemeanor in New York, carries penalties for both sex workers and their patrons.

Despite legal consequences, Frias observes a brazen display of illicit activity on the streets, with sex workers openly soliciting clients throughout the day.

Community Engagement and Political Action

In response to the deteriorating conditions, Frias announces his candidacy for Assembly District 39 as a Republican, aiming to address the issues plaguing the neighborhood.

He joins a growing chorus of voices calling for substantive change and proactive measures to improve public safety and cleanliness.

Assembly member Catalina Cruz acknowledges the challenges faced by the community and assures constituents that officials are working to implement solutions.

However, Frias and others advocate for more decisive action to combat the root causes of the problem and restore the neighborhood’s vitality.


The situation in Ocasio-Cortez’s district underscores broader concerns about urban governance and the enforcement of municipal regulations.

As residents and officials grapple with the complexities of addressing street vending and prostitution, the need for collaborative efforts and innovative solutions becomes increasingly apparent.

Frias’s candidacy represents a grassroots response to local challenges, highlighting the importance of community engagement and civic participation in effecting meaningful change.

As stakeholders continue to mobilize, the future of the district remains uncertain, with the outcome dependent on the collective efforts of residents, elected officials, and law enforcement agencies.


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