Canary Islands Covered in Graffiti Urging Tourists to ‘Go Home’ Amid Local Misery

In Palm-Mar, Canary Islands, graffiti messages in English have surfaced, urging tourists to ‘go home’ and highlighting the ‘misery’ faced by locals.

The island, a popular tourist destination, is grappling with rising discontent among residents.

Slogans Reflect Locals’ Struggles

The town of Palm-Mar witnesses phrases like ‘Tourists go home,’ ‘My misery your paradise,’ and ‘Average salary in Canary Islands is 1,200€’ adorning walls and viewing points.

The latter remark underscores the economic challenges faced by residents, including low wages amidst escalating living costs.

Tourism Strain on Island’s Infrastructure

Canarian Weekly reports that the tourism industry, vital for the island’s survival, is becoming excessive, causing more harm than good.

Rising demand has led to increased rent, traffic congestion, and even water emergencies due to high visitor numbers.

Government Criticized for Uncontrolled Tourism Growth

While acknowledging the importance of tourism, many residents and environmental groups argue that the government’s approach is detrimental to those calling the island home.

The strain on resources and infrastructure is becoming unsustainable, with concerns raised about the overall impact on the local society.

Spain’s Controversial Measures to Counter Tourism Impact

Spain is considering new rules, including earlier closing times for bars and restaurants, to mitigate the negative effects of tourism on workers in the sector.

The proposal by Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Employment and Social Economy, faces backlash from tourists, emphasizing the challenges in finding a balance.

Canary Islands Faces ‘Systemic Collapse’ Warning

Campaign groups have warned of a ‘systemic collapse’ in the Canary Islands due to the overwhelming levels of tourism.

The infrastructure is under immense strain, leading urban planners to deem the current situation unsustainable.

In 2023, approximately 16 million tourists visited the island, with a significant portion being British.

Local Backlash Grows as Tourism Struggles Intensify

The Canary Islands, a long-favored holiday destination, witness growing discontent as locals grapple with the consequences of extensive tourism.

Rising tensions manifest in graffiti protests, highlighting the need for a reevaluation of tourism’s impact on the island’s delicate balance.

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