Non-Personnel Workers at LAGOS Traffic Radio Will Be Covered by Insurance

According to Tayo Akanle, general manager of Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1fm, the Agency has completed preparations to insure all non-personnel staff.

Akanle, speaking at a staff forum hosted by the Station on Thursday, praised everyone who works there for the professionalism and reliability they’ve demonstrated in their work.

He encouraged his colleagues at the station to keep up the good work that has earned them countless honors in recent years.
The General Manager promised that with the help of the Office of Transformation, Creativity, and Innovation OTCI, the company will provide its employees with the training and retraining they need to improve their performance.

Staff Performance Appraisal Development (SPADEV) form has been introduced, he said, adding that it will be used to evaluate staff’ annual performance.
Akanle emphasized the desire of the management to spread the Station’s signal over the length and breadth of the State, as such, the Agency aims to develop booster stations in Ikorodu and Lekki Local Government Areas.

The Director of Insurance for the Lagos State Ministry of Finance, Mr. Isaac Oluwole, was pleased with the General Manager’s decision to insure all non-personnel workers.
He argued that Mr. Tayo Akanle is on the correct track by planning to cover all employees, as it is the responsibility of each employer of labor with more than two personnel.