Tragic Turn of Events: New York Man Dies Trying to Stop Thieves Stealing from His SUV

Tragic Turn of Events: New York Man Dies Trying to Stop Thieves Stealing from His SUV

In a tragic incident in Queens, New York, Mauro Chimbay, 43, lost his life while attempting to stop thieves who had stolen items from his SUV.

The harrowing footage captures the fatal moment as Chimbay clung to the hood of the thieves’ BMW in a desperate bid to thwart their escape.

Robbery and Fatal Pursuit:

The ordeal began when Chimbay witnessed a thief exit a white BMW and break into his white Toyota Highlander while he was playing volleyball at a nearby park.

Using a tool resembling a hammer, the thief smashed the SUV’s window, triggering the car alarm. In the ensuing chaos, the thief stole a shopping bag of items and fled back to the BMW.

Heroic Intervention Turns Tragic:

In a courageous attempt to stop the thieves, Chimbay jumped on top of the hood of their speeding BMW.

However, as the car accelerated, he tragically lost his grip, falling onto the road.

Surveillance footage shows neighbors rushing to his aid, but Chimbay suffered severe head trauma, leaving blood at the spot where he fell.

Family’s Grief and Community Shock:

Mauro Chimbay, who moved to the US from Ecuador 28 years ago, leaves behind a devastated family, including his wife and two daughters.

His wife, Marjorie Monserrate, expressed disbelief at the senseless act, stating that he didn’t deserve such a fate.

Chimbay’s older brother, Francisco Chimbay, condemned the perpetrators, emphasizing the family’s pain.

Eyewitness Account and Community Response:

Kevin Gonzalez, Chimbay’s volleyball partner and witness to the incident, described the thieves breaking the car window and attempting to flee.

He recounted Chimbay hanging onto the hood before the tragic fall.

The community, known for its tight-knit nature, expressed shock at the unusual occurrence, with neighbors rallying together in the aftermath.

Ongoing Investigation:

Police are actively seeking two suspects in connection with the incident but have not made any arrests.

The presence of multiple surveillance videos from homes and cameras in the vicinity holds the promise of a thorough investigation into the tragic death of Mauro Chimbay.

The untimely death of Mauro Chimbay highlights the unpredictable and often devastating consequences of attempting to thwart criminal activities.

The community’s grief and shock underscore the impact of such incidents on close-knit neighborhoods, prompting a collective call for justice and a thorough investigation.


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