Off-Duty Pilot Charged with 83 Counts of Attempted Murder for Allegedly Trying to Turn Off Plane Engines Mid-Flight

Off-Duty Pilot Accused of Trying to Shut Off Plane Engines

An off-duty pilot is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Tuesday in Portland, Oregon, on charges of attempting to shut off the engines of an Alaska Airlines jet during a flight over the Pacific Northwest.

Pilot Faces 83 Counts of Attempted Murder

The pilot, who is not identified in the article, is facing 83 counts of attempted murder. He is accused of trying to disable the plane’s engines while it was carrying 82 passengers and six crew members.

 Pilot to Make First Court Appearance

The pilot is expected to be arraigned in court on Tuesday. He is currently being held in federal custody.

Incident Happened on Weekend Flight

The incident happened on a weekend flight from Seattle to San Francisco. The pilot was reportedly sitting in the cockpit jump seat when he allegedly tried to shut off the engines.

Pilot Subdued by Crew Members

Crew members were able to subdue the pilot and prevent him from disabling the engines. The plane was able to land safely in Portland.


The incident is still under investigation. The pilot is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, where he will be arraigned on the charges of attempted murder.