Mob Attacks Police Trying to Rescue Man Accused of Stealing Another Person’s Manhood in FCT, Nigeria

Mob Attacks Police Trying to Rescue Man Accused of Stealing Another Person’s Manhood in FCT, Nigeria

In a disturbing incident in the Dei Dei area of the Federal Capital Territory, a mob turned violent against five policemen who intervened to rescue a man named Mubarak accused of stealing another person’s manhood.

The officers, affiliated with the Gwagwa police division, had responded to the scene where Mubarak was almost lynched by an angry mob on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Alarming Allegation of Manhood Disappearance

The upheaval began when an unidentified man claimed that his manhood disappeared after coming into contact with Mubarak.

This prompted the enraged mob to surround Mubarak, subjecting him to a violent beating in an attempt to restore the alleged missing organ.

Police Intervention Provokes Further Violence

The situation escalated when the police arrived to rescue Mubarak.

Rather than releasing the accused to the law enforcement officers, the mob turned on the policemen, attacking them and even destroying their vehicle.

Eyewitness Account and Community Tensions

An unnamed resident of the area provided an account of the incident, highlighting the tense atmosphere that prevailed.

The witness reported that despite the police’s efforts to secure Mubarak’s release, the mob remained unyielding.

The witness further expressed concern about the escalating nature of the “manhood issue” in the community, calling for proactive measures.

Police Confirmation and Response

The FCT police spokesperson, SP Josephine Adeh, confirmed the incident, stating that officers deployed to rescue Mubarak were indeed attacked by the mob.

Adeh assured that reinforcements were swiftly dispatched, restoring normalcy to the area.

She condemned the attack on the policemen, and the Commissioner of Police ordered the arrest of those responsible.

Reinforcement and Strong Warning

The police spokesperson reiterated the danger of mob attacks, especially concerning organ-related allegations, stressing that lawful citizens should feel secure in their activities.

Adeh revealed that 14 individuals involved in the incident had been arrested, and the police pledged to continue taking action against such attacks.

Video Evidence of Violence

A video posted on Facebook documented the disturbing scene, capturing the mob assaulting a man believed to be Mubarak.

In the video, one of the perpetrators repeatedly instructs the victim to “commot am” (remove it), referencing the alleged stolen manhood.

Reflection on Community Challenges and Law Enforcement

This incident sheds light on the complex challenges communities face, with superstitions and mob violence intertwining.

It also underscores the difficulty law enforcement encounters when dealing with such volatile situations.

The proactive stance of the Commissioner of Police and the ongoing efforts to address this issue emphasize the importance of maintaining public safety and curbing vigilante justice.

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