Tragic Murder Case: Italian Vet Charged with Killing Veterinary Nurse

Tragic Murder Case: Italian Vet Charged with Killing Veterinary Nurse

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Vet Charged with Murdering Veterinary Nurse: Tragic Incident Shakes Community


The Crime

Dr Alberto Fioletti, a 31-year-old Italian vet, appeared in court today, facing charges of murdering Stephanie Hodgkinson, a 34-year-old veterinary nurse.

The incident took place at Hodgkinson’s ground floor flat on Rosemount Road in Bournemouth.

Tragically, she died from a single stab wound to her chest at her home, situated in a quiet cul-de-sac near Alum Chine Beach.

Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Police were alerted to the incident and discovered Hodgkinson’s lifeless body on May 12 after receiving a call from ambulance services.


Fioletti, who was known to the victim, was arrested on suspicion of murder and was also hospitalized due to serious injuries sustained during the same incident.

Once his condition improved, he was charged with Mrs. Hodgkinson’s murder and discharged from the hospital.


The alleged murder of Stephanie Hodgkinson, a veterinary nurse, by Dr. Alberto Fioletti, a fellow veterinarian, has shocked the local community.

The incident has taken a tragic toll on the victim’s family, friends, and colleagues, as evident from the floral tributes and candles left outside her home.

The details of the case are deeply distressing, highlighting the devastating consequences of violent acts.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it is crucial to ensure a fair investigation and trial to bring justice for Stephanie Hodgkinson and provide support to her grieving family.

The local authorities have expressed their commitment to supporting the family throughout this difficult time and providing updates on the progress of the investigation.


The community’s solidarity and sympathy are essential in offering solace and strength to those affected by this tragic event.

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