Outrage and Backlash: Roger Waters’ Performance Draws Criticism with Nazi Imagery and Anne Frank Analogy

Outrage and Backlash: Roger Waters’ Performance Draws Criticism with Nazi Imagery and Anne Frank Analogy

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Controversy Surrounding Roger Waters: The Nazi SS Officer Costume and Comparisons to Anne Frank


Outrage over Roger Waters’ Performance

Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd bassist, has once again ignited controversy with his recent performance in Berlin.

During the concert, Waters, aged 79, dressed up as a Nazi SS officer, wearing a costume reminiscent of the fictitious neo-Nazi organization featured in the 1982 film Pink Floyd: The Wall.

The imagery included a red arm band and crossed hammers on a leather jacket collar.

Additionally, banners resembling Third Reich-style flags, but with swapped swastikas, were displayed above him, and an inflatable pig featured the logo of an Israeli armaments firm.

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Comparisons and Controversial Displays


During the performance, a screen behind Waters showcased the names of deceased individuals, controversially placing Anne Frank next to Abu Akleh, an Al Jazeera journalist who was killed while covering an Israeli Defense Forces raid on a Palestinian refugee camp.

These juxtapositions and displays have drawn widespread condemnation and sparked outrage among various groups.


Roger Waters’ recent actions during his concert have generated significant controversy and backlash.

The use of Nazi SS officer imagery, along with the comparison between Anne Frank and a deceased journalist, is deeply disturbing and offensive to many.

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While Waters maintains that he is not anti-Semitic and is merely criticizing Israeli politics, the associations and symbolism he employs raise serious concerns.

The calls for banning his performances in Germany and the ongoing debate surrounding his views underscore the complexities and sensitivities involved in discussions around anti-Semitism, Holocaust remembrance, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is essential to engage in respectful dialogue and promote understanding while confronting such issues to foster a more inclusive and empathetic society.


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