Tragedy Unfolds: Italian Vet Admits Killing Girlfriend Stephanie Hodgkinson in Brutal Stabbing

Fatal Encounter at Bournemouth: Dr. Alberto Fioletti’s Violent Act

In a harrowing court testimony, it was revealed that an Italian vet, Dr. Alberto Fioletti, arrived at his girlfriend Stephanie Hodgkinson’s flat in Bournemouth with flowers and a card, attempting to salvage their relationship.

However, the situation took a tragic turn when Stephanie, 34, informed him that their future together was untenable. Fioletti, 31, responded with a brutal attack, stabbing her six times in the chest and once in the back with a kitchen knife.

Preceding Warning Signs and Final Meeting

Days before the fatal incident on May 12, Fioletti had warned Stephanie, telling her, ‘I hope you’re happy with yourself…you’re going to have a death on your hands.’ Despite intending to meet him for a discussion on May 12, Stephanie planned a public beach walk, expressing concerns about being alone with him.

Fatal Stabbing and Emergency Response

Fioletti arrived at Stephanie’s flat with gifts, attempting to reconcile, but the situation escalated when she reiterated that they had no future together.

The vet then stabbed her multiple times before inflicting a self-inflicted wound. Emergency services were called, but Stephanie’s injuries proved non-survivable, with severe damage to her heart, lungs, and great vessels causing catastrophic bleeding.

Admission of Manslaughter and Denial of Murder

Fioletti, admitting to a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, denies the murder charge.

The court heard details of Stephanie and Fioletti’s relationship, which began in October 2022. The prosecution highlighted Fioletti’s narcissistic personality disorder and a history of intense relationships with female colleagues from previous workplaces.

Relationship Struggles and Mental Health

The court learned about a heated argument between Stephanie and Fioletti on May 5, where he was expelled from her home, making ominous statements. Stephanie expressed her intention to meet him in public, fearing a future with him.

Fioletti, with a history of mental health problems, allegedly used them to gain sympathy in past relationships.

Prosecution’s Perspective and Trial Continuation

The prosecution rejected Fioletti’s plea of manslaughter, asserting that mental health issues did not substantially impair his ability to understand the nature of his conduct. Despite his mental health history, Fioletti’s alleged ability to effectively manage these issues and pursue academic excellence is emphasized. The trial is ongoing.

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