Traditional Religion Advocates Propose Swearing-in with Ogun, the God of Iron, to Curb Corruption in Nigeria

Traditional Religion Advocates Propose Swearing-in with Ogun, the God of Iron, to Curb Corruption in Nigeria

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Traditional religious practitioners in Nigeria have put forward a suggestion to deviate from the customary practice of using the Bible and the Qur’an for swearing-in ceremonies.


Instead, they propose that elected and appointed officials swear upon Ogun, the god of iron, during these ceremonies.

Their rationale behind this proposition is that the swift retribution associated with the deity would serve as a deterrent against public fund misappropriation and dishonesty among leaders.

This suggestion was made during a press conference held at the Osemeji Temple in Ibadan, Oyo State, as Nigeria prepares for the upcoming inauguration day on May 29, when President-elect Bola Tinubu, Vice President-elect Kashim Shettima, and incoming governors will assume office.

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Dr. Fayemi Fakayode, also known as Jagunmolu Awo Agbaye, emphasized the issue of dishonesty prevalent among leaders and stated, “If we can decide to swear in political office holders, whether elected or appointed officers, in traditional ways or through the god of iron, things will be better.”

He suggested that this alternative approach would instill fear of immediate consequences and, in turn, discourage misappropriation.

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The group advocating for this change also called for equal respect and recognition from federal, state, and local governments.


They assert that as followers of traditional religion, they should enjoy the same privileges and rights as Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.

Prominent figures in the traditional religious community attended the press conference, including His Eminence Awodotun Aworeni, High Chief Ifalare Odegbola, High Chief Faleye Kusaanu, and Chief Adewale Oso.

Their presence further highlighted the significance and support behind the proposal.

The suggestion to use Ogun, the god of iron, for swearing-in ceremonies reflects a push for greater inclusion and acknowledgment of Nigeria’s diverse religious landscape.

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While the proposal may spark discussions and debates, it signifies a call for alternative practices that resonate with different religious beliefs and traditions within the country.


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