37-Member Committee Inaugurated to Propose a Revised National Minimum Wage for Nigeria

Government of Nigeria Acts: 37-Member Committee Formed to Redefine National Minimum Wage

In a significant move, the federal government of Nigeria has set the wheels in motion for a crucial reassessment of the National Minimum Wage.

Vice President Kashim Shettima presided over the inauguration ceremony of the 37-man Tripartite Committee, held at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa’s council chamber.

Vice President Shettima’s Charge to the Committee: Addressing Hardships Post Fuel Subsidy Removal

During the committee’s inauguration, Vice President Shettima underscored the urgency of their task.

Charged with the responsibility of recommending a new National Minimum Wage, the committee’s mandate extends to considering the widespread hardship resulting from the recent removal of fuel subsidies.

Shettima emphasized the imperative to find solutions that alleviate the burdens faced by the Nigerian population.

Committee Leadership: Former Head of Service, Bukar Goni Aji Takes the Helm

To steer this pivotal initiative, the federal government appointed a seasoned leader to head the Tripartite Committee. Bukar Goni Aji, a former Head of Service of the Federation, assumes the role of committee chairperson.

With a wealth of experience in public service, Aji brings a strategic and informed perspective to the complex task at hand.

Unveiling the Vision: Aso Rock Witnesses the Dawn of a New Economic Chapter

The inauguration, conducted within the hallowed halls of Aso Rock Presidential Villa, marked the commencement of a process set to shape the economic landscape of Nigeria.

As the 37-member committee begins its deliberations, the nation eagerly anticipates the outcome of this comprehensive review of the National Minimum Wage.

Awaiting Details: Transparency Promised as Committee Gets to Work

As the Tripartite Committee embarks on its mission, the government pledges to provide detailed updates on the progress and recommendations.

With the objective of promoting transparency and inclusive decision-making, Nigerians are encouraged to stay tuned for further developments on this critical national initiative.

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