Baroness Mone Breaks Silence on PPE Medpro Links and Mental Health Struggles

VIP Lane Controversy Unveiled

Baroness Michelle Mone, a Conservative peer and business tycoon, has admitted to making an ‘error’ in denying her links to the PPE Medpro firm currently under investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The controversy revolves around ‘VIP lane’ contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic, where PPE Medpro secured contracts worth over £200 million after Mone recommended it to ministers.

Public Defense and Admission of Regret

In a documentary aired recently, Mone defended herself and her husband, Doug Barrowman, asserting that they will be cleared as they have ‘done nothing wrong.’ However, she admitted regret for not being upfront about her ties to the PPE company, acknowledging the ‘error’ in her initial denial.

Mental Health Struggles Unveiled

The Baroness opened up about the toll the scandal has taken on her mental health, revealing panic attacks and nightmares related to the NCA investigation.

Mone spoke candidly about her struggles, stating that she sees NCA officials standing over her bed in her nightmares.

Public Fightback and Allegations

As part of a public fightback, Mone and Barrowman spoke to investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas in the documentary.

They claimed transparency and suggested that a ‘DHSC negotiator’ hinted the case could ‘go away’ for the right sum. The film, funded by PPE Medpro, aims to present their side of the story.

Allegations of Scapegoating and Government Critique

Mone argued that she is being used as a scapegoat by the Government for its COVID-19 failings, expressing shame as a Conservative peer.

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove defended the contract process, emphasizing that decisions were made through a proper procurement process led by civil servants.

Ongoing Investigation and Government Response

The NCA investigation involves questioning key figures, including Matt Hancock, Michael Gove, Lord Bethell, and Lord Agnew.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) refrained from commenting on ongoing legal cases.