Tome Biosciences Secures Substantial Funding for Genomic Therapies

Tome Biosciences Secures Substantial Funding for Genomic Therapies

Tome Biosciences Secures Funding

Tome Biosciences, Inc. recently announced a successful funding round, drawing support from a consortium of investors that includes Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) Bio + Health, ARCH Venture Partners, GV, Longwood Fund, Polaris Partners, Bruker Corporation, FUJIFILM Corporation, Alexandria Venture Investments, among others.

This funding injection marks a significant milestone for the company.

Intentions and Focus Areas

The influx of capital aims to fuel the development of integrative gene therapies targeting monogenic liver diseases and cell therapies for autoimmune conditions.

Tome Biosciences is committed to leveraging this financial backing to advance their innovative treatments to clinical fruition.

Leadership and Technological Approach

Under the leadership of Rahul Kakkar, MD, who serves as President and CEO, Tome Biosciences specializes in programmable genomic integration (PGI) technology.

This pioneering approach allows for the precise insertion of genetic sequences into the genome—regardless of size or location—promising highly targeted genetic therapies.

The company’s mission centers on delivering groundbreaking genomic medicines, including cell and integrative gene therapies, aimed at delivering curative solutions to patients.

Cutting-Edge PGI Technology

At the heart of Tome Biosciences’ advancements is the integrase-mediated PGI (I-PGI) technology. I-PGI represents a fusion of CRISPR/Cas9 precision with unique enzymes capable of DNA sequence insertion, a breakthrough initially uncovered by Tome’s Co-Founders, Omar Abudayyeh, PhD, and Jonathan Gootenberg, PhD, during their tenure at MIT.

This proprietary technology facilitates the insertion of extensive DNA sequences into the genome with unparalleled precision. Notably, I-PGI has showcased successful insertions of genetic codes exceeding 30kb across various cell types—both dividing and non-dividing—opening the door for complex cell engineering crucial for future cell therapies.

Exclusive Technology Rights and Patents

Tome Biosciences holds an exclusive license to the core PASTE technology, which encompasses multiple granted US patents.

These patents, including US patent numbers 11,572,556, 11,827,881, and 11,834,658, fortify the company’s position in the genomic therapeutics landscape, providing a solid foundation for their pioneering research and development.


The recent funding infusion coupled with Tome Biosciences’ groundbreaking PGI technology sets the stage for transformative advancements in genomic therapies, promising hope for patients suffering from monogenic liver diseases and autoimmune conditions.

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