Tinder Date Turned Tragedy: Convicted Couple’s Disturbing Motive Revealed

Tinder Date Turned Tragedy: Convicted Couple’s Disturbing Motive Revealed


In a shocking and disturbing incident, a man’s life came to a tragic end after a meticulously planned murder plot executed by his girlfriend and her accomplice.

The victim, Liam Smith, aged 38, fell victim to a horrifying scheme that involved being shot in the face and subjected to acid poured over his body.

The chilling events took place in Wigan, Greater Manchester, last November, and the details that have emerged paint a grim picture of betrayal and revenge.

A Deceptive Tale: Lies Lead to Tragedy

The gruesome incident was the result of a revenge plot hatched by Michael Hillier, a 39-year-old drug dealer, and his girlfriend, Rachel Fulstow, aged 37.

Fulstow deceived Hillier with a fabricated story that Liam Smith had raped her during a Tinder date several years prior.


Instead of seeking legal justice, the couple embarked on a dark path of “vigilante justice,” planning Mr. Smith’s murder over a ten-month period.

Cold-Blooded Waiting Game

Hillier’s sinister plan involved a long wait outside Liam Smith’s home, armed with a shotgun.

Surveillance footage captured the disturbing sight of Hillier’s vehicle parked outside the victim’s residence for nearly ten hours.

Eventually, Hillier carried out his murderous act, shooting Liam Smith in the face and then pouring acid on his body, leaving him lifeless on the street.

Fleeing from Justice

Following the gruesome murder, Hillier and Fulstow fled the country, embarking on a two-week vacation to Jamaica in an attempt to evade capture.


However, their escape was short-lived, as the authorities soon closed in on them.

Hillier was apprehended, and Fulstow, initially treated as a witness, became a suspect due to her repeated lies during the investigation.

Verdict: Justice Served

After a six-week trial at Minshull Street Crown Court, both Hillier and Fulstow were found unanimously guilty of murder.

The evidence presented during the trial, including CCTV footage from various sources, tied Hillier to the crime scene and led to their conviction.

The court proceedings revealed the chilling details of their twisted plan and the extent of their calculated deception.


Behind the Motive: Twisted Justification

Fulstow’s initial encounter with Liam Smith occurred through the dating app Tinder.

She later entered a relationship with Hillier but was met with his verbal abuse and unpredictable behavior.

Fulstow’s allegations of non-consensual sex with Mr. Smith during a previous date led her to confide in Hillier and eventually devise the violent plan.

The trial exposed their joint decision to take matters into their own hands, fueled by a belief that seeking justice through legal channels would prove futile.

Conclusion: Seeking Closure

As the trial reached its conclusion, the jury’s unanimous guilty verdict delivered a semblance of closure to Liam Smith’s family and friends.


The tragic story serves as a reminder of the dangers of vigilante justice and the tragic consequences that can arise from deceit and revenge.

The case sheds light on the complexities of human behavior and the lengths to which some individuals are willing to go when consumed by a twisted sense of retribution.

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