Tragedy Strikes for Young Brothers: Both Parents Pass Away Within Months

Tragedy Strikes for Young Brothers: Both Parents Pass Away Within Months


In a heart-wrenching turn of events, two brothers, aged 12 and 13, are now left as orphans after losing both their mother and father in the span of just a few months.

Robbie, aged 12, and Logan Clinton, aged 13, faced their first tragic loss on March 24 when their mother, Shelley, aged 51, passed away unexpectedly.

The devastating blow left the boys and their older brother Jack in utter despair, as they grappled with the sudden absence of their mother in their lives.

The family had to confront the harsh reality of moving forward without her.

However, the series of misfortunes didn’t end there.


On July 27, another devastating blow struck the young brothers.

Returning home from a sleepover, Robbie and Logan discovered that their father, Mike, aged 41, had not stirred from his sleep.

Upon entering his room, the heartbroken boys found their father lying motionless in bed, and their attempts to wake him proved futile.

This marked the second loss in a matter of months, and it shattered the boys’ world once again.

Caitlin, their 19-year-old cousin, has stepped in to take care of Robbie and Logan during this challenging time.


Devoting herself to their well-being, she has become a pillar of support and stability, ensuring that the boys have a roof over their heads and the care they need.

The cause of death for both Shelley and Mike is still under investigation, leaving the family in a state of uncertainty and grief.

Tragically, Mike passed away just a day before what would have been his and Shelley’s wedding anniversary.

His older sister, Liz Carney, revealed that Mike had also endured the loss of his own parents three years prior.

Describing Mike as a vibrant individual, Liz shared that he was an ardent Liverpool FC fan and was known for his lively spirit and dedication to his family.


He had built a life in Darlington, County Durham, where he worked as a driving instructor after marrying Shelley.

The family’s tight bond is evident through the efforts of Caitlin, who had supported Mike after Shelley’s passing and has now taken on the responsibility of looking after the grieving boys.

A GoFundMe page initiated by Hurworth Albion Football Club aims to provide financial support for the brothers and Caitlin during these trying times.

The overwhelming response from both familiar faces and strangers alike showcases the community’s compassion.

As the family plans for Mike’s funeral on September 8 at Darlington Crematorium, the details of the service have been shared, including a request for attendees to wear something red or a Liverpool jersey in his honor.


The generosity displayed through the fundraiser and the outpouring of support serve as a testament to the impact Mike and his family have had on the lives of those around them.

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