Peruzzi Speaks Up Again, Denies Chioma Affair Rumors, Reveals Startling Reason for Leaving Davido’s House

Peruzzi’s Reiteration on Chioma Rumors and Davido’s Reaction

Nigerian singer Peruzzi has revisited the rumors linking him romantically with Chioma Rowland, the wife of his former boss, Davido.

In a recent interview, he clarified that Davido never confronted him about the rumors, and they’ve never discussed the matter.

Revelation of Startling Juju Encounter and Departure

During the interview, Peruzzi disclosed a peculiar incident where he discovered juju or mystical items in his clothing at Davido’s residence.

He expressed leaving the house after this unsettling discovery. Peruzzi admitted to not informing Davido but confiding in late Obama about his decision to relocate.

Departure Linked to Chioma’s Pregnancy

Peruzzi highlighted that he exited the house coinciding with Chioma’s pregnancy. He emphasized the juju discovery as the catalyst for his departure, stating that the unsettling incident led him to relocate without notifying Davido, with only Obama aware of his decision.

Earlier Denial and Shock Over Rumors

Previously, amidst accusations of an affair with Chioma, Peruzzi vehemently denied the allegations during an interview with Chude Jideonwo. He expressed disbelief at the accusations, especially considering the support Davido had extended to him.

Addressing Falsehoods and Misinformation

Peruzzi condemned the spread of false news across social media platforms, emphasizing the shock and dismay over the rapid dissemination of baseless accusations and the damaging impact of such unverified information.

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