Peruzzi Addresses Rumors of Songwriting for Burna Boy

Peruzzi Addresses Rumors of Songwriting for Burna Boy

Rumors recently began to circulate within the Nigerian music industry that Peruzzi, a talented singer-songwriter, had contributed his songwriting prowess to the Afrobeat sensation, Burna Boy.

These rumors sparked a wave of discussions and speculations among music enthusiasts.

The Interview

The controversy took an interesting turn when one of Peruzzi’s ardent supporters claimed to have been the author of one of Burna Boy’s well-known songs. This individual was quick to criticize Peruzzi for purportedly collaborating with other songwriters.

While some fans commended Peruzzi’s proficiency in songwriting, this fan threatened to prevent him from writing songs for Burna Boy and accused him of habitually appropriating songs from other musicians.

Peruzzi’s Response

In the face of these allegations and rising tension, Peruzzi wasted no time in responding to the claims. He emphatically refuted the accusations, asserting that he had not participated in composing any of Burna Boy’s popular and catchy songs.

In his own words, Peruzzi took to social media to clear the air, writing, “Lmao don’t give me credit for what I didn’t do!”

This swift and straightforward response from Peruzzi not only addressed the controversy but also demonstrated his commitment to maintaining his integrity as a songwriter and artist.


The music industry is no stranger to rumors and speculations, and it’s not uncommon for artists to find themselves entangled in controversies.

In this particular case, Peruzzi’s response serves as a testament to his dedication to maintaining transparency and honesty in his craft, making it clear that he stands firm in his statement that he was not involved in writing songs for Burna Boy.

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