Peruzzi Denies Accusations of Affair with Chioma, Slams Anita Brown’s Claims

Peruzzi Denies Accusations of Affair with Chioma, Slams Anita Brown’s Claims

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nigerian singer Peruzzi recently expressed his frustration towards Anita Brown, who had accused him of having an affair with Chioma, alleged to be Davido’s side chick.


This accusation resurfaced rumors from years ago when it was speculated that Peruzzi had slept with Chioma during her on-and-off relationship with Davido.

Anita Brown’s Instagram Story

Anita Brown took to her Instagram story to confidently assert that Chioma had indeed slept with Peruzzi.

She expressed her lack of interest in Davido and Chioma’s fluctuating relationship.


In addition to accusing Chioma of being involved with Peruzzi, she suggested that Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke, may have also had a relationship with her.

Anita claimed that Clarks had tried to woo her and suspected that Chioma had been involved with him as well.

She even revealed that Clarks had allegedly asked her to terminate her pregnancy and visit him.

Peruzzi’s Response

Peruzzi swiftly responded to the allegations, vehemently denying any wrongdoing and calling Anita Brown a dullard. He pointed out that Anita Brown had been fed lies by investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo.

Expressing his anger, Peruzzi cursed Anita Brown’s generation and challenged her to a face-to-face conversation, emphasizing that he preferred confronting her in person rather than through a phone interview.


He criticized Anita for continuously bringing up the same old accusations and expressed his belief that divine justice would prevail.

Previous Accusations by Anita Brown

It is not the first time Anita Brown has made accusations against Chioma.

In a tweet, she shocked many on social media with a bombshell revelation about Chioma.

Anita alleged that Davido had pressured Chioma into having multiple abortions before they eventually had their son, Ifeanyi, who she claimed had passed away.

Addressing those who criticized her for being an OnlyFans star, Anita reminded them that their favorite singer had engaged in sexual intercourse with her just weeks ago and enjoyed it.


She also asserted that her relationship with Davido was never a secret and that the singer had pursued her romantically.

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