Ticketing Fiasco: Foo Fighters Fans Express Frustration as Concert Tickets Sell Out and Resellers Surge

Ticketing Fiasco: Foo Fighters Fans Express Frustration as Concert Tickets Sell Out and Resellers Surge

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Frustration Mounts Among Foo Fighters Fans as Tickets Sell Out and Resellers Inflate Prices


Foo Fighters fans have expressed their frustration after tickets for the band’s Everything Or Nothing tour sold out within minutes, only to reappear on resale sites at inflated prices.

This situation has sparked anger and disappointment among loyal fans who were unable to secure tickets at face value due to resellers dominating the market.

Expressing Frustration on Twitter: Fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration over the ticketing situation.


Many shared their unsuccessful attempts to purchase tickets, with some discovering them already listed on resale platforms at significantly higher prices.

This trend of reselling tickets above face value prompted fans to question the ethics and greed of ticket companies.

Impacted Fans and the Death of Live Music: Fans who eagerly awaited the general release of tickets were left disappointed as they quickly sold out, leaving them with limited options.

Many expressed their despair over the influence of resellers, lamenting that lifelong fans were now unable to attend the concerts due to inflated prices.

This unfortunate situation led some fans to mourn the perceived decline of live music experiences.


Resellers’ Negative Impact: Disgruntled fans directed their frustration towards resellers who obtained tickets with no intention of attending the concerts, but solely to profit by reselling them at exorbitant prices.

Such practices led to a chaotic ticketing experience on platforms like Ticketmaster, further exacerbating fans’ dissatisfaction.

Concerns for Future Ticket Availability: Fans who did not manage to secure tickets during the general sale now face the prospect of either paying inflated prices from resellers or purchasing the remaining VIP platinum tickets, which come with a higher price tag.

The absence of additional tour dates compounds the challenge of obtaining reasonably priced tickets.

Foo Fighters’ History with Resellers: Reports highlight that Foo Fighters have previously expressed anger towards resellers.


In a past concert, hundreds of fans were denied entry when they couldn’t provide valid ID or presented counterfeit tickets unknowingly purchased from unauthorized sources.

This unfortunate incident prompted the band and promoters to take measures to combat reselling.

Conclusion: The frustration among Foo Fighters fans regarding the ticketing situation for their Everything Or Nothing tour is evident.

The swift sell-out followed by resellers inflating prices has left many loyal fans disappointed and questioning the integrity of the ticketing system.

The band’s history with resellers further highlights the need for preventive measures to ensure genuine fans have fair access to tickets at reasonable prices.



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