Heartwarming Rescue: Law Graduate’s Ordeal with Indifferent Police After Saving Abandoned Child

Law Graduate’s Heroic Act and Police Indifference

Benkingsley Nwashara, a law graduate, recently shared a harrowing experience he faced while trying to help a 2-year-old girl he rescued in Enugu State.

In June 2022, Nwashara came to the aid of the child, who had been abandoned by her mentally-ill mother in Agbani town, Nkanu West Local Government Area of the state.

The child had endured heavy rainfall and neglect from passersby at a local market.

Police Officers’ Refusal to Assist

Nwashara revealed the shocking response he received when he brought the child to a police station. He recounted that three female police officers on duty allegedly refused to offer any assistance.

Instead, they told him that they couldn’t do anything for the child and instructed him to take her away. This incident took place despite the fact that all three officers were mothers in their 40s.

DPO’s Intervention

Fortunately, the situation took a turn for the better when Nwashara encountered the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), a Yoruba man, the following morning. The DPO took immediate action by ordering one of the female officers to accompany them to various hospitals for the next three days.

This approach was meant to ensure that the child’s case was treated as an emergency, expediting her care. The DPO went above and beyond by providing his personal car and driver for two days.

Understanding the Officers’ Perspective

Nwashara acknowledged that the police officers may have been apprehensive about the child’s condition, fearing that she might not survive while in their care.

However, he stressed that as law enforcement officers, they should have been aware of the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate intervention.

Despite the risks involved, Nwashara took it upon himself to transport the child to his one-room apartment.

The Risk and Compassion of a Private Citizen

The law graduate emphasized the risks and uncertainties he faced during this critical time. He expressed gratitude that the worst-case scenario did not occur.

Nwashara also pointed out the discrepancy between the officers’ verbal expressions of empathy and their apparent indifference when it came to taking action to help or save a dying child.

A Night of Care and Miracles

In a touching conclusion, Nwashara described the challenges he and a female friend faced that night as they cared for the rescued child. They had never babysat before, but they provided the child with essential care.

The toddler consumed more than eight satchets of water that night and experienced multiple bowel movements. Despite the difficulties, their compassion and determination prevailed.

Nwashara’s story highlights both the heroism of private citizens and the importance of swift and compassionate responses to emergencies, especially when involving vulnerable individuals like abandoned children.

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