Napoli’s Social Media Executive Resigns Over Offensive TikTok Videos Targeting Victor Osimhen

Napoli’s Social Media Executive Resigns Amid Controversy

Napoli, the Serie A football club, has witnessed a significant development in the aftermath of controversial TikTok videos aimed at Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen.

The club’s social media executive has stepped down from his role in the wake of the offensive content that sparked outrage and backlash.

Controversial TikTok Videos Targeting Victor Osimhen

The controversy erupted when Napoli posted videos on their TikTok account that mocked their own striker, Victor Osimhen, for missing a penalty during a match against Bologna.

The first video depicted the 24-year-old forward appealing for a penalty, accompanied by sped-up audio with the caption ‘Gimme penalty please.’

The video then showed Osimhen missing the penalty by sending the ball wide of the post. This content received widespread criticism.

Comparing Osimhen to a ‘Coconut’

In addition to the penalty-related video, Napoli’s TikTok account posted a second video, which has since been deleted but was widely circulated online.

This video compared Osimhen to a ‘coconut,’ a term considered a racial slur.

The racial insensitivity of this comparison further intensified the controversy surrounding Napoli’s social media content.

Social Media Executive’s Resignation

In response to the public outrage and backlash over the offensive TikTok videos, Napoli’s social media executive made the decision to leave the club.

Alessio Fortino, the departing executive, confirmed his departure through a post on his personal Instagram account.

He expressed gratitude for his time with SSC Napoli and the opportunities it provided, while also expressing excitement for future adventures.

Napoli’s Response and Lack of Apology

Napoli, in the wake of the social media scandal, clarified that their intention was never to mock Victor Osimhen. However, the club stopped short of issuing a public apology for the controversial videos.

The incident has drawn attention not only to the content itself but also to the responsibility of football clubs and their social media teams in promoting respectful and inclusive online environments.

The resignation of Napoli’s social media executive serves as a reminder of the impact and consequences of online content, particularly in the realm of professional sports, where scrutiny and public opinion play a significant role.

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