The Yorkshire Ripper’s ’14th victim’: Top police officer played by David Morrisey in ITV drama battled heart attack.

The Yorkshire Ripper’s ’14th victim’: Top police officer played by David Morrisey in ITV drama battled heart attack.

The Yorkshire Ripper’s Tragic Saga: The Fall of Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield

Top Cop’s Fateful Journey

Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield, a seasoned police officer with three decades of experience, embarked on a formidable mission as he led West Yorkshire Police’s relentless hunt for the notorious Yorkshire Ripper. His dedication and commitment were unquestionable, but his journey would take a tragic turn.

A Promise and a Heartbreaking Failure

Oldfield, widely regarded as a “top-notch copper,” made a personal pledge to Jayne MacDonald’s grieving parents, vowing to capture the elusive serial killer Peter Sutcliffe. He worked tirelessly, with his 200-strong Ripper squad conducting over 130,000 interviews, visiting 23,000 homes, and checking 150,000 cars in their pursuit of justice.

The ‘Wearside Jack’ Hoax

In the summer of 1979, the investigation took a disastrous turn when Oldfield was duped by John Humble, the man known as ‘Wearside Jack.’ Humble, a Sunderland-born individual, sent taunting letters and a voice recording to the police, falsely claiming to be the Ripper. Despite doubts among experts, Oldfield believed the hoaxer, leading to a catastrophic blunder.

A Fatal Heart Attack and Retirement

Shortly after the hoax, tragedy struck. Oldfield suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 1979, forcing him to step away from the Ripper case. His retirement in 1983 marked the end of his relentless pursuit of the killer.

Legacy of Regret and Suffering

The aftermath was devastating. Oldfield’s belief in the hoax allowed Sutcliffe to continue his spree, claiming the lives of three more women before finally being apprehended in 1981. Oldfield’s anguish was compounded by the fact that his misjudgment played a pivotal role in the Ripper’s continued reign of terror.

The Long Shadow: A Glimpse into History

David Morrissey portrays Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield in the upcoming drama series, “The Long Shadow.” In the show, Oldfield solemnly declares, “I give you my word that I will catch this animal.” His unwavering determination to bring the Ripper to justice is a central theme.

A Tragic End

Despite his dedication and tireless efforts, Oldfield’s life took a tragic turn. He suffered another heart attack in 1983 and retired, passing away in 1985 at the age of just 61, leaving behind a legacy marred by regret and a fateful misjudgment. In the end, some have described him as “the Ripper’s 14th victim,” a poignant reminder of the profound impact this case had on those who sought to bring the killer to justice.

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