Cambridge-educated doctor accused of having sex with numerous women in GP consultation rooms. ,

Allegations of Misconduct Surround Cambridge-Educated Doctor

Doctor Accused of Multiple Inappropriate Relationships

Dr. Tom Plimmer, a 40-year-old physician with a Cambridge education, faces a series of allegations involving inappropriate relationships with multiple women, some of which occurred at his GP practice in Swindon, Wiltshire. The allegations include deceit, sexual misconduct during working hours, and threats, with at least half a dozen women coming forward to make these claims.

Deception and Juggling Multiple Relationships

Plimmer is accused of employing deceptive tactics to maintain simultaneous relationships. He allegedly fabricated false stories about his family members being ill as a means to avoid one woman while pursuing another. These actions suggest a complex web of deceit designed to manage his multiple girlfriends.

Alleged Coercion and Unsolicited Explicit Content

One of the most concerning allegations involves a ‘vulnerable’ colleague who claims Plimmer coerced her into engaging in weekly sexual encounters at his GP practice. He also reportedly invited women he met on dating sites to the surgery and engaged in sexual activities with them during his working hours. Additionally, it is alleged that he sent unsolicited explicit images of his genitals, taken at work, to one of the women he met online.

Threats and Manipulation

The tribunal also heard allegations of threatening behavior from Plimmer. He allegedly threatened one woman, claiming to know her address and making a menacing statement about her throat. Such actions raised concerns about the safety and well-being of those involved with him.

Exploiting Vulnerability and Misconduct

Plimmer’s relationship with the vulnerable colleague began with suggestive remarks, escalating to showing her a video of him engaging in sexual activity with another woman without her consent. He made unwanted advances towards her, despite her clear refusals, which the tribunal argues constituted an abuse of his position as a medical professional.

Sexual Misconduct During Working Hours

Plimmer is accused of engaging in sexual activity within his consulting room at the practice, sometimes during working hours, and sending explicit videos to the vulnerable colleague. The tribunal highlighted instances where he made sexual advances towards her when she was clearly distressed, further exacerbating the inappropriate nature of their interactions.

Continued Deception and Multiple Partners

Plimmer continued to weave a web of deception as he pursued relationships with various women simultaneously. He met women on dating apps and allegedly engaged in sexual activity with them in his consulting room. His deceptive tactics included inventing illnesses within his family as excuses to avoid meeting some of his partners while maintaining relationships with others.

Ongoing Tribunal Proceedings

The tribunal proceedings surrounding Dr. Tom Plimmer and the serious allegations against him are ongoing, as further evidence is presented and witnesses testify. The case highlights the importance of maintaining professional conduct and ethics within the medical profession.

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