Jade Goody’s Mother Jackiey Budden Visits Grave on Emotional 14th Anniversary

Jade Goody’s Mother Jackiey Budden Visits Grave on Emotional 14th Anniversary

Jackiey Budden’s Emotional Tribute

Jade Goody’s mother, Jackiey Budden, paid a heartfelt visit to her daughter’s grave in Epping Forest, marking 14 years since the late star’s passing.

Amidst her visit, Jackiey was visibly emotional, seen sobbing while tending to Jade’s headstone and placing images of Jade and her children, Bobby and Freddie, at the site.

A Heartfelt Gesture

Expressing her sorrow and longing for connection, Jackiey placed sentimental photographs, including Bobby’s image alongside his Strictly Come Dancing partner, along with a message honoring Jade.

Despite a rift preventing her presence at the show to support Bobby, Jackiey sought to convey her love and acknowledgment of the pivotal moment in Bobby’s career.

Creating a Meaningful Setting

During her visit, Jackiey adorned the graveside with festive elements, introducing an Elf On A Shelf mascot, Christmas tree decorations, and diligently polishing Jade’s headstone—a poignant effort to commemorate Jade’s memory during the holiday season.

Remembering Jade Goody

Jade Goody rose to fame after her appearance on Big Brother in 2002 but tragically succumbed to cervical cancer in 2009, leaving a lasting impact on her family and fans. Jackiey’s dedication to preserving Jade’s memory and emphasizing Bobby’s connection to his late mother stands as a testament to her enduring bond with her grandchildren.

Family Discord Hinders Support

Amidst Bobby’s participation in Strictly Come Dancing, family discord surfaced, preventing Jackiey’s presence at the live shows due to an unresolved rift with Jeff Brazier, Bobby’s father.

Despite efforts to reconcile and support Bobby, the familial strain has led to Jackiey’s absence from the audience, highlighting the challenging relationship dynamics.

Desire for Support and Reconciliation

Friends close to the family shared insights into the strained relationship between Jackiey and Jeff, emphasizing Jackiey’s deep affection for her grandchildren and her desire to be present to support Bobby.

However, their ongoing discord has left Jackiey unable to physically attend and celebrate Bobby’s accomplishments, underscoring the family’s unresolved issues.