Decades-Long Mystery Solved: Rita Roberts, ‘Woman with the Flower Tattoo,’ Identified after 31 Years

Decoding the Mystery: Rita Roberts’ Long-Unsolved Murder

For over three decades, the murder victim known only as ‘the woman with the flower tattoo’ remained unidentified after her body was found in the Groot Schijn river in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1992.

The victim, now identified as Rita Roberts, had moved to Antwerp from Cardiff in 1992, making her last contact with her family in May of that year through a postcard.

An International Effort to Identify Unknown Victims

In May of this year, an international appeal was launched to identify 22 unknown women believed to have been murdered.

Belgian, Dutch, and German police collaborated with INTERPOL to seek information from the public. The initiative, known as the ‘Identify Me’ program, aimed to bring closure to cold cases, with Rita Roberts being one of the cases under investigation.

Closure and Heartbreak: Rita Roberts’ Family Speaks Out

The breakthrough in Rita Roberts’ case came when a family member in the UK recognized her distinctive flower tattoo on the news.

Contacting INTERPOL and Belgian authorities online, the family then traveled to Belgium to formally identify Rita.

In a heartfelt statement, they expressed the shock and heartbreak of discovering the fate of their passionate and free-spirited sister.

Identify Me Program’s Impact: Unveiling Hidden Identities

Rita Roberts’ identification is a testament to the success of the ‘Identify Me’ program, launched earlier this year to solve cold cases.

With over 500 messages and tips received from the public, the program aims to connect police worldwide, particularly in cases involving missing persons.

INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock congratulated the collaborative efforts of authorities in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands in Operation Identify Me.

Continued Pursuit of Justice: Hunt for Rita’s Killer

While Rita Roberts’ identification brings closure to her family, the investigation into her murder intensifies. Belgian authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information that may lead to the apprehension of Rita’s killer.

The ‘Identify Me’ program serves as a crucial tool in connecting global law enforcement efforts and solving long-standing mysteries.

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