New Jersey polices Solved the ‘Baby Mary’ cold case, mother is charged thirty nine years later.

New Jersey polices Solved the ‘Baby Mary’ cold case, mother is charged thirty nine years later.

“Breakthrough in ‘Baby Mary’ Cold Case: Mother Charged 39 Years After Newborn’s Death”

Introduction The notorious ‘Baby Mary’ cold case, dating back almost four decades, has finally seen a breakthrough. After years of unanswered questions, DNA evidence has led to the arrest of the newborn’s mother, charged with her daughter’s death. This tragic incident unfolded on Christmas Eve in 1984 when Baby Mary was discovered lifeless in a remote wooded area near Mendham Township, New Jersey. This article delves into the details of this long-standing mystery and the recent developments in the case.

The Discovery On that fateful Christmas Eve, two young boys stumbled upon a grim sight while walking along Mt. Pleasant Road – the lifeless body of Baby Mary, wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a plastic bag, her umbilical cord still attached. The medical examiner’s grim verdict was that she had died less than a day after birth, ruling her death as a homicide.

Decades of Mystery For 39 years, the ‘Baby Mary’ case remained unsolved, leaving a haunting question mark over the identity of her parents. It seemed that justice might never be served for this innocent life lost in such tragic circumstances. But then, a breakthrough emerged, thanks to a combination of cutting-edge technology and diligent police work.

The Arrest In a stunning announcement, Morris County Prosecutor Robert Caroll revealed that the parents had finally been identified, and an arrest had been made. The baby’s father had passed away years ago, while the mother, now 57, faced charges of manslaughter. Due to her minor status at the time of the crime, her name remained undisclosed. The arrest was made in South Carolina, more than 38 years after the heinous act took place.

Charging as a Minor The mother, who was only 17 when she left her baby girl in a secluded park on that cold winter’s night, was being charged as a minor, with a juvenile delinquency complaint and manslaughter charges. Had she been an adult at the time, the crime would have constituted a second-degree offense.

Legacy of ‘Baby Mary’ Over the decades, the case yielded few leads, but the memory of Baby Mary lived on within the community. She was posthumously adopted by the Mendham Township Police Department and given a proper burial. Every Christmas Eve, a service was held at her gravesite to ensure she was not forgotten.

A Pursuit of Justice During a press conference, Prosecutor Caroll emphasized that this arrest was the result of decades of effort spanning multiple generations of law enforcement. He acknowledged the tragedy of Baby Mary’s death and the enduring sorrow it had caused. While justice might not take the form the public had envisioned, he believed that it was finally being served.

Safe Haven Legislation Notably, in 1984 when the crime occurred, the Safe Haven Infant Protection Act did not exist in New Jersey. However, by August 2000, this act had become law, providing a crucial safety net for newborns. Sheriff James Gannon encouraged young parents to seek help, explaining that the legislation allowed them to anonymously surrender a newborn baby at designated safe locations, free from judgment or questions.

Seeking Information In closing, authorities appealed to the public for any information regarding Baby Mary’s death. The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit, Mendham Township Police, and Morris County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance in uncovering the full truth behind this heart-wrenching case that has haunted their community for nearly four decades.

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